4 Axis Cutting (3D)

CUT1600S Series

CUT 1600S

Compact CNC Styrofoam cutting machine for creative and productive applications, which also include 3D objects and sculptures. One step cutting of multiple Styrofoam or Styrodur boards possible (Sandwich Cut).

  • Immediately ready for operation (ready to use)
  • Compact build with open machine table
  • Optimized for standard EPS or XPS boards
  • Sturdy steel construction (no Aluminum)
  • Sandwich cutting of multiple stacked foam boards
CUT 1600S - 3D Craft
CUT2500S Series

CUT 2500S

Universally extendable CNC Styrofoam cutting machine for frequently changing applications. Variable cutting wire up to 5 meters long. 4 axes cuts plus rotational axis possible. For manufacturers, creative designers and universities.

  • Computer controled system (CNC)
  • Optimized for standard boards and blocks
  • Operating wire length up to 5,000 !
  • Sturdy steel construction (no Aluminum)
  • Extendable: rotation table, profile cuts, multiple wire cuts, plunge cutting etc.
CUT 2500S - 3D Craft
Cut3000S Serie

CUT 3000S

The all-rounder of our CNC Styrofoam cutting machines for boards, ashlars, cubes, balls, spheres, symbols, scenery, stucco and crown moldings etc. The possibilities are endless! Large cutting area, 4 axes cutting and lathe cuts and much more. Easy to use and a strong performer.

  • Four independent axes
  • Wire tensioner
  • Fast cutting - even of big blocks
  • Versatile and infinitely adjustable
  • Extendable: rotation table, lathe
CUT 3000S - 3D Production