CUT 2000S - 3D
Four Axes, stable
machine table.

4 Achsen CNC Foam Cutting machine

CUT 2500S - 3D
Four Axes, variable
Wire length up to 4m

4 Achsen CNC Foam Cutting machine


styroCAM Cloud




Models of the CUT 2000S - Series

CNC foam cutting machine to cut 2D and 3D contours from standard EPS-Foam blocks, XPS-Styrofoam and EPP boards with a single hot wire.

The large working area of 1.300 x 1.100 mm and a wire length of up to 4m standard foam blocks can be completely bypassed and optimally be cut.

CUT2000S cnc foam cutting machine


  • 4 independent axes
  • Stable machine table made from steel (fix)
  • 1 cutting wire, up to 2.1m length
CUT 2000S
CUT2500S cnc foam cutting machine


  • 4 independent axes
  • Stable machine table made from steel (variabel)
  • 1 cutting wire, up to 4.1m length
CUT 2500S

CUT 2000S Series - characteristics

Our CUT 1200S Series stands for "Quality Made in Germany". Each machine is hand-assembled, adjusted and extensively tested befor delivery to ensure that all machines will work smoothly and guaranty best performances

CUT2520S Serie - styrofaoam cutting
EPS Foam cutting

Optimized for EPS-Blocks and XPS Sheets

The machines of the CUT 2000S series were developed to cut EPS-Blocks, XPS- and EPP-Sheets up to a size of 1.250x1.050mm and a length of up to 4m fast and reliable.

Cut 2D or 3D objects such as decorative alphabet letters, Styrofoam letters, stucco moldings or columns from Foam and Styrofoam. With no other machine series EPS, XPS and EPP can be cut equally clean and accurate.

We recommend these CNC hot wire cutting machines to all companies and signmakers to process EPS blocks and XPS sheets.

CUT200S Serie - 4 independent axes cutting
4 independent Axes

4 Independent Axes

The CNC Styrofoam machines of the CUT 1600S series have 4 independent axes.

They allow 3D tappered cuts with different sized contours on the A- and B-portal such as cones or conical columns, profiles or wings made of EPS-Blocks, XPS- and EPP-panels. The cutting wire tension for parallel cuts is controlled by a hard spring and for independent 4-axes cuts with a length change of up to 150mm by a soft spring. And in case 150mm should not be enough, have a closer look at the CUT2500S machines. They can be equipped with an automatic wire tensioner for extrem tappered cuts.

Automatic wire tensioner

All CUT2500S machines can be equipped with an automatic wire tensioner for extrem tappered 3D cuts. This is contolled by our fully automatic wire tensioner.

The wire tensioner electronic evaluates the changes in length of the cutting wire permanently. A tension motor is winding the wire up or down. The wire tensioner works machine and software independently and has a motor unit and a sensor unit. In combination with our software styroCAM tappered cuts over the entire working area (diagonal) are possible.

Due to the automatic wire tensioner, the automatic current control and our styroCAM software, 3D cuts with two different sized contours can be done in no time.

Wire Attachment spring

Wire Attachment

On all CUT 2000S series machines a coil spring controls the tension of the cutting wire. You will receive a stiff and a softer spring from us. The first one should be used for parallel cuts. With 4 axes cuts the wire length may vary up to 150 mm, which is why we recommend the softer spring type.

Thanks to these springs, the wire can be easily disengaged and re-engaged, which not only simplifies the process, but also speeds up especially working with s without In- and Out gaps.

Netzteil - Automatischer Stromregler

Automatic Current Control

Thanks to the automatic current control, the wire of the CUT 2000S machine series always the correct temperature to do smooth and precise cuts from EPS, XPS and EPP. This is due to the sophisticated power supply, because it contains a microprocessor that controls the electricity, especially when the wire length changes during interlaced cutting. The minicomputer also automatically reacts to fluctuations in the supply voltage, which guarantees every cut to go through the material like a hot knife through butter.

The minicomputer also reacts automatically to fluctuations in the main voltage. So each cut will have the same quality again and again.

CNC Steuerung mit 5-Kanal

CNC Controler with 5 Ports

All CNC machines of the CUT2000S series come with our in house developed 5-axis CNC controller.

The controller can handle up to 3.0 amperes per port. So you not only control the 4-independent axes, but also one extra axis as e.g. a rotational axis or milling axis.

USB Controller ready

Maschine software with USB Controller

Our machines are complete, everything is included. Even the machining software and the USB controller for all current Windows versions are included. The screen of the machining software is optimized for 4- and 5-axis and was extensively tested in practice. Be sure everything works right away out of the box.

All you need is a current Windows computer or laptop with a free USB port and about 10 minutes to install everything. It could not be simpler.

CAM Software Styropor schneiden

styroCAM Software

CNC machines require a cutting file. This cutting file is nowadays usually generated with the help of a CAM software. A drawing is automatically converted to the ISO-Gcode format.

Our software StyroCAM is such a CAM software and was developed by us in-house in recent years. The software is web-based and comes from the cloud. All it needs is a modern browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, which enables the software to run on all Windows as well as Mac computers

The multiCut Software simplifies the cut of EPS and XPS panels or blocks dramatically. Within a few seconds our software calculates fully automatically from your DXF, DWG, PLT, STL or STP files your finished 2D and 3D cutting file in the ISO-Gcode format. Open this G-code cutting file via the network or via USB Stick in the CNC software of your CNC cutting machine. The CNC software of the machine then executes and runs the code.

Separating the creation and execution of the cutting data has one key advantage: The machine can continue working while you prepare the next cutting file on a different computer. Our styroCAM software supports the creation of 4-Axis programs for single and multiple wires.

Service & Support

Free Support

Take advantage of the extensive experience of our experts. Also we gladly support you after the sale. The team of cnc-multitool recommends suppliers for Styrofoam (EPS) and Styrodur (XPS). It advises you in choosing the right system. And we help you even if a solution seems impossible.

We guarantee: When you buy one of our CUT2000S machines you will always receive our free email, phone and live support without extra charge or further costs. That's how we differentiate us from other companies that offer either no support or aks you to pay extra for this service as part of an annual support contract.

Technical data of the models

CUT2000S cnc foam cutting machine
CUT2500S cnc foam cutting machine
CUT 2000S
CUT 2500S
X-axis (1)
1.300 mm
1.300 mm
Y-axis (2)
1.100 mm
1.100 mm
Wire length (3)
up to 4.100mm
Machine table
Number of wires
Number of axis
Number of motors
Type of drive X,Y
Repeat accuracy
+/- 0.3 mm
+/- 0.3 mm
Working speed
1.000 mm/min
1.000 mm/min
Wire on/off
Work top
Wire tensioner
Including 4-channel controller

Including CAM Software

Including CAD Software (4)
Supported Operating System
Electrical connection
110-220VAC, 50-60Hz
110-220VAC, 50-60Hz
Electrical consumption
600 W
600 to 2.000W
1.800 mm
1 .800 mm
2.000 mm
1.800 mm
1 .800 to 5.000mm
2.000 mm
130 kg
150 to 250 kg
Price in EURO (5)
5.750,00 €

(1) Track distance forward/backward (2) Track distance up/down (3) maximum wire length (4) must be registered (5) plus. TAX and shipping

Machines for growing productions

CUT2000S - craft and production

Customers want to work productively instead of testing the Styrofoam cutting machines for the manufacturer. cnc-multitool has had their very own production for many years and by now has gained plenty of practical production experience - which is what our customers can profit from. We produce a lot of objects and elements made of Styrofoam and Styrodur for our many clients on our very own machines. When you buy a Styrofoam cutting machine from us, we will provide all the advice needed - literally for the user from the user. Therefore, our technology has long been refined and fully tested before we send the machines out to our customers.

It is not without reason that our machines carry the label "Quality, made in Germany ". Why don't you just give us a call or send us a short message?


What our customers are creating

Foam letters
Styrofoam logos
2D Zuschnitte
Technical Products
Architectual moldings
Technical moldings

Software makes the difference

Even the best machine brings little when creating the cutting data takes a lot of time and effort. A machine is only as good as its software. So we just sat down and developed our own easy-to-use, but powerful CAM software for cutting foam.

All models of our CUT 2000S series are supplied with our styrocam software, suitable for your applications.You might be surprised, just how easily the software will transform your CAD data into the cutting data. We will be happy to show you a live demonstration of how simply these machines are to use. We are convinced that you will be amazed. For additional information please visit our software page.

Corel Draw Software

Corel Draw®

With this drawing software you can create easily and fast letters, logos, lettering and more in the vector format. Enables direct export for further processing.

CAD Software


The strong point of this CAD program is the simplicity, how quickly the user can create drawings in vector format. The subsequent DXF export can be processed further immediately.

Software zur Kalkulation von Angeboten


Cloud based software for the calculation of pricing for letters, logos and lettering, painted or unpainted, coated or with Plexiglas.

Buchstaben und Logos mit Ein- und Ausfahrten

multiCUT - Std

Cloud based software for the creation of numerical control data for standard letters, lettering and logos with entry and exit cuts.

Standard-2D-Zuschnitte <b>mit und ohne</b> Ein- und Ausfahrten

multiCUT - Nest

Cloud-based software (SaaS) for optimized cutting of 2D objects out of sheets and blocks with and without any entry and exit cuts.

Standard-Buchstaben und Logos <i><b>ohne</b></i> Ein- und Ausfahrten

multiCUT - mono

Cloud based software for the creation of numerical control data for standard letters and logos without any entry and exit cuts.


multiCUT - 3D

Cloud based software for the calculation of numerical control data for 3D cuts in 4 axes. Reads all parameters from the 3D STP files.

symmetrischen Rotationsschnitte

multiTurn 3D

Just like most of our services, this software is also cloud based (SaaS). It calculates symmetric rotational cutting data from 2D files.

Models in comparison

With all these versatile functions, there is hardly anything that the CUT2000 series won't be able to do. Its bigger sister series will mostly focus on other focal points, such as different kinds of production.

The CUT 2000S series machines can only be loaded from its long sides. This requires a lot of time and also some experience (instinctive feeling) - especially with very large and heavy Styrofoam blocks. For this type of production we have developed the larger models CUT 2900S and CUT3000S with their entirely open machine table. You can compare them here:

CUT1600S Styroporschneiddemaschine CUT2500S Styroporschneiddemaschine CUT1600S Styroporschneiddemaschine
CUT 1610S
CUT 2500S
CUT 3000S
X-Axis max. (1)
1.300 mm
1.300 mm
2.600 to
4.100 mm
Y-Axis max. (2)
650 mm
1.100 mm
1.650 mm
Wire length (3)
1.300 mm
2.100 mm
1.300 to
4.100 mm
1.300 to
5.100 mm
Number of axes
Number of wires
Price in EURO (4)

(1) Track distance forward/backward (2) Track distance up/down (3) maximum wire length (4) plus. TAX and shipping


  • Cutting of Styrofoam (EPS), Styrodur (XPS) and EPP
  • 3D letters, numbers, logos and symbols
  • Cake dummies
  • Special packaging (boards, plates, panes, pipes or protective corners)
  • Sample cutting
  • Stucco and crown molding (cutting wire can be adjusted to 2,500 mm)
  • Shutter box insulation, shutter boxes
  • Gutters, formwork
  • Mold and die production, pontoons
  • And many more ...


  • Four independently moving axes for interlaced cutting
  • Compact machines with open machine table
  • Spring loaded wire on both sides, hung up on eyelets
  • Compatible with standard software such as AutoCAD®, Inventor® and Solid®
  • Runs on all current Windows computers
  • Data formats for imports: DXF, PLT, DWG, STP, STL

Extras and Training

  • Automatoc wire tensioner
  • Foam-mill conversion set
  • Turntable
  • Plunge Cutter
  • Shapeable wire set
  • Touchscreen: Intuitive use directly on the screen
  • PC console: Work directly on the machine, no working table necessary
  • StyroCAM »Cloudsoftware Made in Germany«
  • Training via TeamViewer
  • On sight training right on the machine

Other interesting products for you

CUT1610S Styroporschneiddemaschine

Compact & powerful

  • First choice for letters and logos (XPS)
  • compact, open machine table
  • 4 independent axes
  • 1 cutting wire, 130cm lang
  • EPS- & XPS-standard sheets
CUT 1600S - 3D craft
CUT2900S foam cutting machine


  • Stable, open machine table
  • 1 cutting wire up to 3m length
  • Maintenance free drives
  • Large XPS-panles and EPS-blocks
  • CNC contur cutting with a single wire
CUT 2900S
Cut3000S Serie

CUT 3000S

The all-rounder of our CNC Styrofoam cutting machines for boards, ashlars, cubes, balls, spheres, symbols, scenery, stucco and crown moldings etc. The possibilities are endless! Large cutting area, 4 axes cutting and lathe cuts and much more. Easy to use and a strong performer.

  • Four independent axes
  • Wire tensioner
  • Fast cutting - even of big blocks
  • Versatile and infinitely adjustable
  • Extendable: rotation table, lathe
CUT 3000S - 3D Production