CUT 2900S
2D Conturcutter,
Blockslicer &

4 Axis CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutter





PRICE from

13.950,00 € Plus Sales Tax

For sloped roofs and other things made of polystyrene

When you buy a Styrofoam or Styrodur cutting machine specifically for sloped roof panels, will there be room for other applications? The hot wire cutting machine CUT 2900S by cnc-multitool is a unicorn disguised as a workhorse and doesn't stop at just one application. Your special talent will attract everyone's attention - especially those working in the roofing and construction industry as well as sales representatives for insulation materials and suppliers for building materials. The independent y-axes of the CUT 2900S allow the cutting of ridge or valley panels from just one piece.

And with its ten cutting wires, the optional Blockslicer can cut eleven panels simultaneously from just one block of Neopor or Styrofoam. Diagonally tensioned wires can process sloped roof insulation panels one stacked load after another. The machine can manage polystyrene blocks of up to 5 meter length.

Insulation for sloped and pitched roofs:
The CUT 2900S cuts these from just one piece

Sloped insulation slabs
Sloped insulation slabs
Valley insulation slabs
Valley insulation slabs
Ridge insulation slabs
Ridge insulation slabs
Double-sided sloped insulation slabs
Double-sided sloped insulation slabs

»The CUT 2900S gives us smaller companies the opportunity to build sloped roofs much faster, cheaper and more flexible«

Roofing company Großmann (CEO)


  • Quality: "Made in Germany"
  • Intelligent: Computer controlled (CNC) via Windows PC (8.1/10)
  • Sophisticated: With Blockslicer and independent y-axes ideal for building sloped roofs
  • Practical: Spring loaded cutting wire will stay taut, length adjustable as required
  • Sturdy: Welded and painted steel construction - no Aluminum!
  • Versatile: Please see "Extensions"


  • Shipping: around 6 weeks
  • Setup: Delivery fully tested and assembled ready to use
  • Fast: Inside Germany the technician will come within 48 hours
  • Modular: The components can be easily exchanged by the operator.
  • Training: By our own experienced and well-trained staff
  • Advice: We will be there from the first call to the final solution
  • Recourses: We will also provide our customers with the necessary recourses for suppliers of Styrofoam (EPS), Neopor and Styrodur (XPS).


  • Block cutter for semi-automatic board cutting with 10 wires
  • Rotational table (vertical rotary axis)
  • Lathe (horizontally rotating axis)
  • Touchscreen: very easy to use directly on the screen
  • StyroCAM "Cloud based software Made in Germany"
  • FoamCam


Cutting 2D CNC contours
Cutting boards & sloped panels
Guillotine cutter
Cutting EPS valley panels

Shared work with double the experience

CUT 2900S mit erhöhtem Maschinentisch

One of our sister companies manufactures Styrofoam and Styrodur parts and elements for various different clients on our very own cnc-multitool machines. We as a service provider have been dealing with very difficult tasks and cutting challenges on a daily basis since 2006 and over the years have accumulated a lot of knowledge for this kind of production. This practical know-how and experience ultimately flow into the development of all our Styrofoam cutting machines, which are continuously improving.

We will gladly help you free of charge to find the right choice of machine for you. But also, when you run into a problem afterwards. Or have to face tricky tasks. When looking for the right color. Or a cheaper supplier for Styrofoam and Styrodur. Give us a try. We are looking forward to talk to you or simply write us a message with your requirements.


What our customers are coming up with

Sloped roofs
GeSloped roofsfälledächer
Letters and logos
Letters and logos
Panels and boards
Panels and boards
Insulation profiles
Insulation profiles
Special packaging
Special packaging

The workhorse that knows how to pull it off

CUT2900S - workhorse that knows how to

The CNC hot wire cutting machine CUT 2900S is a true powerhouse and can pull off 1,000 mm3 sized insulation blocks for pitched and sloped roofs like a real working horse. Controlled by the computer, this gem will position the 0.3 mm thick cutting wire at the speed of 6,000 mm/min. into the required position. The wire will cut around two boards per minute out of the 1 cubic-meter block (2,000 mm/min.) of Styrofoam or Styrodur. However, with the optional Blockslicer this workhorse will multiply this feat and cut even more boards within the same time.

Most and foremost, any provider of any polystyrene cut objects needs that one hardworking machine to guarantee commercial success. Obviously, the larger output of how many boards and other simple shapes can be cut at a time do play a significant role in this. This is why manufacturers of sloped roofs as well as those working with polystyrene in the building material industry or insulation providers appreciate a strong and reliable workhorse like this one. And if quality comes before quantity, then the owner of this machine can really show what they are capable of.

CUT29000S - blockslicer with up to 10  or 20 wires

Blockslicer: ten in one big swoop

Imagine this: You not only have one very strong work horse, but instead you own a whole team of ten horses. This is pretty much how the CUT 2900S works, when the Blockslicer cuts 11 boards in one big swoop with its ten wires - simultaneously! Now, that is almost magical.

CUT2900S 2D contour cutting machine

2D shapes: contoured and filleted

Especially for insulation wedges, ridge or valley panels and similar 2D shapes, a Styrofoam cutting machine must be able to cut any types of angles perfectly. With its two independent y-axes, the CUT 2900S manages even extremely interlaced cuts on block lengths of up to 5 meters. Here, the Styrofoam blocks are literally being "filleted" with a useable wire length of maximum 1,450 mm.


The Software makes all the difference

Whenever you compare CNC hot wire cutting machines, don't look at the cutting wires - they look the same everywhere. The deciding factor, whether a Styrofoam cutting machine is really up to its job or not, is its software. This is the brain of the machine and it will calculate the cutting data, whilst other modules control and monitor the entire process all the way to the final product. Hence the reason, why we will provide you with the comprehensive software package that fits your specific requirements and applications.

At first glance you won't even notice what a powerhouse this software really is and all the things it's capable of, because it is so easy to use. You will also receive the corresponding interfaces for the import and export of your files and data. This will enable you to implement many proven programs with your core software. Have a look at what the CUT 2900S software has to offer:

CAD drawing program multiCAD


The strength of this CAD program is that drawings in vector format can created quick and easily. The DXF export enables immediate processing for further use

  • CAD drawing program
  • Free of charge
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Easy to use
  • Works fast
Price Calculation


Cloud based software for the calculation of pricing for letters, logos, lettering, objects, painted or unpainted, coatings or Plexiglas

  • Calculation of material costs, pricing for cutting, painting, coating
  • Font-to-DXF module
  • Runs in all modern internet browsers as cloud based software (SaaS)
  • Easy to use
  • Direct import of DWG/DXF/PLT files from CorelDraw, AI, CAD Std
Control data for standard pitched and sloped roof panels


Internet based cloud software (SaaS) to create numerical control data for standard sloped panels according to the blueprint (gradient roof plan).

  • Import of all data of the gradient roof plan
  • Optimized cutting with up to 10 wires and 3 special block formats
  • Calculation of wire positioning
  • Print out of gradient roof plan/blueprint for each block as a PDF
  • Runs in modern internet browsers as cloud based software (SaaS)
Optimized cutting to save on material (Nesting)

multiCUT - Nest

Cloud based software (SaaS) to calculate numerical control data for standard 2D objects with and without entry and exit cuts.

  • Calculates cutting data for standard 2D objects
  • Extremely easy to use
  • G-code calculation from DWG/DXF/PLT export files from CorelDraw, AI, AutoCAD
  • Cuts with or without entry/exit cuts
  • Runs in all modern browsers as cloud based software (SaaS )
3D rotary table for cuts with five axes

multiTurn - 3D

Just like most of our services, this software is also cloud based (SaaS). It calculates symmetric rotational cutting data from 2D DXF or PLT files.

  • Calculates cutting data for 2D rotary cuts
  • Extremely easy to use
  • 4 axes plus rotating axis
  • Works with standard 2D contours
  • Also incorporates compensation for material loss through burn-off and twisting
  • Runs in all modern internet browsers as cloud based software (SaaS )
Cutting of three dimensional objects with a horizontally rotating axis (lathe)

multiLathe - 3D

Cloud based software (SaaS) to create numerical control data for horizontal standard 2D rotational cuts.

  • Cutting data calculation for horizontal standard 2D rotational objects
  • Extremely easy to use
  • G-code calculation of 2D contours (DWG/DXF/PLT)
  • Also incorporates compensation for material loss through burn-off and twisting
  • Runs in all modern internet browsers as cloud based software (SaaS )

What else is possible?

It's not only the producers of pitched and sloped roofs, who are saying that the CUT 2900S is the complete package. With its optional extensions, this model series can also be equipped for additional current and future tasks. This workhorse comes with its sturdy and all around open working table as wells as its five meter long vertical working surface. Advertising technicians are raving about this model that was seemingly designed specifically for them with the higher machine table (800 mm). With such variety you might ask: What else is possible?

Even bigger machines than our 2000 models come in the series CUT 3000S and CUT 4000S. The first is our fastest and most universal workhorse that is also capable of cutting ridge turrets as well as artistic and ornate "pirouettes". The biggest "and badest" is our mammoth in our machine park - 4000 series. This is literally the highest performing power package for industrial and commercial clients, who produce large quantities of boards and panels, truck load securing cargo protection, shutter insulation and similar items. A comparison is definitely worth a look:.

Main features in comparison

CUT 2500S CUT2900S CUT 3000S CUT 4000S
X-axis max. (1) 1.300 mm 5.100 mm 5.100 mm 3.100 mm
Y-axis max. (2) 1.100 mm 1.300 mm 1.600 mm 1.300 mm
Wire length max (3) 5.100 mm 1.450 mm 5.100 mm 3.100 mm
Number of axes 4 3 4 3
Number of wires max. 1 1 (10) 1 20
Working speed 1.000 mm/min 3.000 mm/min 6.000 mm/min 3.000 mm/min
Type of drive Spindle Belt Belt Belt

(1) Track distance forward/backward (2) Track distance up/down (3) maximum wire length


  • Sloped/pitched roofs
  • Formwork
  • Panels/boards
  • Special packaging (panes, pipes, protective corners etc.)
  • Template/pattern cuts
  • 3D letters, numbers, logos and symbols
  • And many more…


  • Two parallel X/Y-axes for interlaced cuts up to 5 meters in length
  • Machine in industrial quality with all around open machine table
  • Two-sided spring loaded wire, eyelet connection
  • Optional Blockslicer (10 wires) for boards, sloped roofs etc.
  • Compatible with standard software such as AutoCAD®, Inventor® and Solid®
  • Runs on Windows 8.1 or 10
  • Data format for Import: DWG, DXF, PLT, STL

Extras and Training

  • Optional Blockslicer
  • Rotational table
  • Horizontal turning axis, Lathe
  • Independent Y-axis
  • Training and remote maintenance via TeamViewer
  • Local schooling on the machine

Delivery contents

The CUT 2900S is a Styrofoam cutting machine for quantity and quality, and despite the fact that it is Made in Germany and offers a large application range it costs relatively little money. The machines are all fully tested by us, inspected and then packaged immediately. The setup and start of operation can either be handled by yourself or, for a small surcharge, we will send out one of our technicians, who will set it up within 1 hour. This is what is included in the delivery:

CUT2900S CNC machine
CNC machine
Power supply unit
Power supply unit
CAM Software
Machine Software
Cutting wire
Cutting wire

Technical Data

CUT 2920S CUT 2930S CUT 2940S CUT 2950S
X-axis (1) 2.100 mm 3.100 mm 4.100 mm 5.100 mm
Y-axis (2) 1.300 mm 1.300 mm 1.300 mm 1.300 mm
Wire length (3) 1.450 mm 1.450 mm 1.450 mm 1.450 mm
Number of axes 3 3 3 3
Number of motors 3 3 3 3
Number of wires 1 1 1 1
Working speed 3.000 mm/min 3.000 mm/min 3.000 mm/min 3.000 mm/min
Type of drive X,Y1,Y2 Belt Belt Belt Belt
Repeat accuracy +/- 0.3 mm +/- 0.3 mm +/- 0.3 mm +/- 0.3 mm
Wire on/off Software Software Software Software
Work top yes yes yes yes
Machine console yes yes yes yes
Touchscreen Package optional optional optional optional
Raised working table optional optional optional optional
Electrical connection 110VAC or 220VAC, 50-60Hz 110VAC or 220VAC, 50-60Hz 110VAC or 220VAC, 50-60Hz 110VAC or 220VAC, 50-60Hz
Electrical consumption 500W (2000W) 500W (2000W) 500W (2000W) 500W (2000W)
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2.800x2.000x1.800mm 3.800x2.000x1.800mm 4.800x2.000x1.800mm 5.800x2.000x1.800mm
Weight 200 kg 250 kg 320 kg 380 kg

(1) Track distance forward/backward (2) Track distance up/down (3) maximum wire length (Price) Plus sales tax and shipping

CUT 2900S - Features

The perfect CNC Styrofoam cutting machine for manufacturers of sloped roofs - this and many more applications - the CUT 2900S is as versatile as they come. The in Germany developed and build machine is especially well suited for cuts up to five meters long. This incredible workhorse will position the cutting wire at four meters per minute, which is extremely fast. Here are more important features

The 2900 series comes with an all-around open machine table made of welded and painted steel. Even the weight of a 200 kilogram Styrofoam block will not bend the torsion resistant, rigid and sturdy frame.

The optional Touchpad of the CUT 2900S will make the operation of this machine even easier. The display monitor reacts to finger pressure, which means that the operator will be able to use the machine much more intuitive and make less typing mistakes.

The Touchscreen package is encased in a steel casing with flexibly adjustable setup, which basically means that the monitor will always be at the perfect height. And the PC will also have a secure space on this rack.

The cutting wires come with a thickness of 0.3 mm as well as two spring coils of a different spring stiffness. For parallel cuts we recommend the stiffer version. The coil springs are easily exchanged, because they are engaged with eyelet connections. This means that they are very simply disengaged and re-engaged, which in turn increases the work speed for angled and sloped cuts. On the CUT 2900S is the maximum usable wire length 1,450 mm. The spring coils on either end of the wire make sure that the cutting wire stays taut at all times: the cutting edges stay clean, accurate and straight for every single cut.

Basically, on the left and right eyelet screw sits the coiled spring, which each holds one end of the cutting wire. The benefit: The cutting wire can be disengaged and re-engaged very easily and fast. This simplifies any step and increases the work speed for monolithic cuts. The coil keeps the cutting wire taut at all times during the process. The harder spring coil is best suited for parallel cuts and the softer springs is recommended for cuts with a longer cutting wire and cuts with 4 axes.

We offer the rotational table as an optional addition. It will add a computer controlled vertical axis to the existing cutting axis of the Styrofoam cutting machine. With this, cutting any symmetrical objects such as vases and eggs and even hemispheres are as easy as child's play.

The lathe is also an optional extra. It is manufactured in sturdy industrial quality and expands the CNC hot wire cutting machine with on more computer controlled horizontal turning axis. The lathe is the perfect addition for cutting twisted columns and other long 3D objects.

The panel and board cutting function of the CUT 2900S enables the operator to cut smaller panels out of larger boards. The so-called trimming is included in this function of this software that will cut two or more thinner panels out of one thicker one.

Styrofoam blocks are also suited for this kind of cutting, because you can literally cut them like slicing a loaf of bread, whenever you need a board or panel the size of the block. And on top of that you can always cut the blocks into smaller units of the desired sizes and slice them afterwards. In addition to that, our multiCut software will calculate such cuts in the material saving nesting mode, which optimizes the material to create less overall waste.

The low maintenance belt drive has been designed to withstand a lot of use and to last for a very long time. Exactly what you need, when cutting large amounts of Styrofoam and Styrodur on a daily basis

The 0.35 mm strong cutting wire comes with the CUT 2900S on a 50 meter spool. This way you can apply the wire as needed and whenever you need it.

To guarantee a clean and straight forward cut when processing Styrofoam, Styrodur or polyurethane foams, the cutting wire on the CUT 2900S always has the correct temperature. The "brains" behind this is the integrated sophisticated power supply unit. The microprocessor controls the power supply whenever the length of the cutting wire changes, which is especially the case during interlaced cutting. The minicomputer also regulates fluctuations in the current and corrects them automatically. This way we can guarantee each and every cut going through the material like a hot knife through butter.

The Software calculates fast and easily 4 axes programs for the cut of EPS and XPS boards, panels or blocks with one wire. Polystyrene blocks can even be cut in the nesting mode, whereby the software optimizes the material and therefore saves on material waste

2D contours are imported into multiCut in DXF format, which is then calculated into the final 2D and 3D cutting data - the so-called G-codes - within seconds. The code is then transferred either via the network or per USB stick into the machine, where the CNC software will take over and processes the numerical cutting data.

The cutting tracks, such as distances etc., can be calculated on a separate computer, which has one major benefit: The work preparation and production won't interfere with one another on the CNC Styrofoam cutting machine, as the preparation can already be done WHILST the previous work order is still being cut.

The proof is in the pudding

Free technical support

To read about the amazing CUT 2900S series is one thing. To see this workhorse live and in action is something different altogether and we are more than happy to show you such a presentation of this and other Styrofoam cutting machine models in our competence center in Ilmenau, Germany. Come, visit us and see for yourself. We will gladly answer all your questions right there and then.

Or would you prefer to talk to us on the phone? No problem! Why not give us a call right now? You can also write to us and let us know what you are looking for.


Other products that might be of interest for you

CUT 4000S Series

CUT 4000S

Extremely powerful CNC Styrofoam cutting machine for high performance industrial production. Cuts boards with up to 20 wires simultaneously. Independent Y-axis allows for interlaced cutting, for example for pitched roofs etc.

  • Three independent axes
  • Multi-wire machine for mass cuttings with up to 20 wires
  • Freely rotating 90° cutting arms
  • Endlessly extendable: rotation table, lathe, plunge cutter, Styrofoam mill
CUT 4000S - 2.5D Production
FW 4000H Cold wire cutting machine
Production machine
  • Stable, open machine table
  • table length up to 500cm
  • wire length, up to 200cm
FW 4000H - 2D Production
GT1010S - EPS Schneide-Guillotine

EPS Guillotine Cutter

Semi-automatic hot wire cutting machine for the automated cross-cutting of Styrofoam blocks, profiles and Styrodur boards and panels. Operation is done by simply pressing a button. The working speed is freely adjustable at any point - even whilst cutting.

  • Operates by simply pressing a button
  • Optimized for standard panels, boards and blocks
  • Usable wire length up to 1,300 mm!
  • Sturdy steel construction (no Aluminum)
GT1010S - EPS Guillotine Cutter