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The mammoth amongst our hot wire cutting machines

In our machine park, our high performance Styrofoam cutting machine CUT 4000S manages our mammoth tasks on a daily basis. If you are looking for a true high performance workhorse that will help you knock out some serious work - as well as your competition - then look no further. According to our clients, the CNC cutting machines of the CUT 4000S series average cuts with five wires simultaneously. However, depending on your work load, the optional and by 90° turnable Blockslicer can be equipped with up to 20 cutting wires. The machine is able to process up to four blocks in one operation.

The mammoth 4000 series is not only recommended for larger quantities of simple insulation boards. It will also cut ridge and valley panels for sloped roofs just as productively out of one big piece. The independent Y-axes are here a huge bonus. And any loaded standard blocks of the size 1,250 x 1,050 mm can easily be up to 3 meters long

When it comes to expansion, the CUT 4000S definitely has a huge footprint. On request, this mammoth can be "fed" with large Styrodur and Styrofoam blocks via a trolley. And in just a few simple steps, this Styrofoam cutting machine can be transformed into a Styrofoam mill in a few minutes. See the box "Extensions", which will show you all important options.

»The CUT 4000S keeps our production in full swing«

GeoPac (Produktion)


  • Quality: "Made in Germany"
  • Intelligent: Computer controlled (CNC) via Windows PC (8.1/10)
  • Sophisticated: 90° freely turnable cutting arms, with the Blockslicer ideal for cutting huge quantities
  • Practical: Rollable machine stand; Touchscreen; can also be remote controlled with a digital display
  • Sturdy: Welded and powder coated steel construction - no Aluminum!
  • Versatile: see box "Extensions"


  • Shipping: around 8 weeks
  • Ready to use: Delivery comes fully tested and preassembled
  • Fast: Inside Germany the technician will come within 48 hours.
  • Modular: Component modules can be easily exchanged by the operator.
  • Training: By our experienced and well-trained staff
  • Advice: We will support you from the first call all the way to the perfect solution.
  • Recourses: We will provide you with trusted Styrofoam (EPS), Neopor and Styrodur (XPS) suppliers.


  • Styrofoam mill
  • Plunge cutter
  • Profile cutting wire (shapeable wire)
  • Rotational table (vertical turning axis)
  • Lathe (horizontal turning axis)
  • Touchscreen: easy to use directly on the screen
  • StyroCAM "Cloud Software Made in Germany"


CUT4000S Series - CNC cutting with multiple wires
EPS CNC cutting with multiple wires
CUT4000S - Changing a Styrofoam block
Changing a Styrofoam block
CUT4000S - CNC single wire cutting
CNC single wire cutting
CUT4000S - Loading via trolley
Loading via trolley

Tons of experience - just grab it!

CUT4000S - Loading via trolley

If we were to stack all that Styrofoam that can be processed by the hot wire cutting machine of the CUT 4000S series on a daily basis - we could hide a whole house behind it. And not a small house either. Due to a lot of years of experience in this very industry and with this particular machine, we already know just how extremely powerful and steadfast this mammoth truly is.

As a service provider, one of our sister companies produces tons of polystyrene panels and other objects on this very machine. Hence the reason why we know exactly what you are looking for. When technical know-how and practical experience melt together like that, the end result is more than just this powerful high performance machine.

Another big aspect is the absolutely free advice you will receive from us, which in itself is truly in a class of its own. It begins with your very first point of contact and will stretch way beyond the initial sale of the machine well into your day to day production. We will be there for you every step of the way, whether you are faced with a difficult task, trying to find decent suppliers for polystyrene foams or what type of paints to use. If this sounds good to you, then why not give us a call right now or simply write us a quick message.


What our customers come up with

window frames and sills
EPS window frames and sills
Panels, boards and insulation
Panels, boards and insulation
Special packaging
Special packaging
Technical cuts
Technical cuts
Shutter boxes
Shutter boxes

As powerful as a mammoth

CUT4000S - As powerful as a mammoth

With the CUT 4000S you will be able to solve many different tasks with just this one Styrofoam cutting machine. For example, the above mentioned Blockslicer is more assertive when it comes to cutting various different boards or panels. But that's not all - shutter insulation, window insulation, gutters, formwork, pontoons and crown moldings are all possible on this amazingly versatile mammoth of a machine. Even protruding contours are no match for this unit with a usable cutting wire length of up to 3,100 mm.

The CUT 4000S series generally works with three cutting axes: the X-axis and two independent Y-axes. The optional rotation table will expand the CUT 4000S by a fourth, computer controlled and vertical turning axis, whilst the lathe will add a horizontal rotating axis. With these extensions you will be able to cut also very complex symmetrical or asymmetrical objects fast and easily. And if you want to also add the shapeable profile wire into the mix, you will transform this mammoth into a turning Styrofoam cutting machine.

CUT 4000S independent Y-axes

Simple extensions, clever accessories

The CUT 4000S series generally works with three cutting axes: the X-axis and two independent Y-axes. The optional rotation table will expand the CUT 4000S by a fourth, computer controlled and vertical turning axis, whilst the lathe will add a horizontal rotating axis. With these extensions you will be able to cut also very complex symmetrical or asymmetrical objects fast and easily. And if you want to also add the shapeable profile wire into the mix, you will transform this mammoth into a turning Styrofoam cutting machine.

Plenty of software

Any CNC Styrofoam cutting machine is basically a computer with tools. First, the programs tickle the entire spectrum of possibilities out of the machine and the more powerful the software is - the more the hardware is able to do. Hence the reason why you should always keep an eye on the software, when you are comparing various different Styrofoam cutting machines. Is it easy to use? Will it be able to handle your work load? Does it have a lot of different functions as standard? What types of applications does it manage?

cnc-multitool made sure that the model series CUT 4000S hot wire cutting machines do come with a comprehensive software as standard. The interfaces will ensure the smooth transfer of all relevant data from quasi-standard programs such as CorelDraw and AutoCAD. Using our software is super easy and you will be amazed, how quickly it will translate your CAD files into the corresponding cutting data. Still not convinced? How about a visit in our competence center in Ilmenau, Germany for a live presentation of our Styrofoam cutting machines? It really is worth it and you will be able to get all your questions answered right there and then!

CAD Drawing Program multiCAD


The strength of this CAD program is that drawings in vector format can created quick and easily. The DXF export enables immediate processing for further use.

  • CAD drawing program
  • Free of charge
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Easy to use
  • Works fast
Calculation of material costs, pricing


Cloud based software for the calculation of pricing for letters, logos, lettering, objects, painted or unpainted, coatings or Plexiglas.

  • Calculation of material costs, pricing for cutting, , coating
  • Font-to-DXF module
  • Runs in all modern internet browsers as cloud based software (SaaS)
  • Easy to use
  • Direct import of DWG/DXF/PLT files from CorelDraw, AI, CAD Std
Optimized cutting to save on material (Nesting)

multiCUT - Nest

Cloud based software (SaaS) to calculate numerical control data for standard 2D objects with and without entry and exit cuts.

  • Calculates cutting data for standard 2D objects
  • Extremely easy to use
  • G-code calculation from DWG/DXF/PLT export files from CorelDraw, Adobe AI, CAD
  • Cuts with or without entry/exit cuts
  • Runs in all modern browsers as cloud based software (SaaS)
Calculates cutting data for up to 10 wires


Calculates numerical control data for multiple wire cuts for standard 2D objects. This is also a cloud based software service (SaaS).

  • Calculates cutting data for up to 10 wires
  • Specifically designed for cuts from the front or from above
  • Calculation of complete blocks
  • Calculation of predetermined quantities
  • G-code calculation
  • Runs in all modern internet browsers as cloud based service (SaaS)
3D rotary table for cuts with five axes

multiTurn - 3D

Just like most of our services, this software is also cloud based (SaaS). It calculates symmetric rotational cutting data from 2D DXF or PLT files.

  • Calculates cutting data for 2D rotary cuts
  • Extremely easy to use
  • 4 axes plus rotating axis
  • Works with standard 2D contours
  • Also incorporates compensation for material loss through burn-off and twisting
  • Runs in all modern internet browsers as cloud based software (SaaS)
Cutting of three dimensional objects with a horizontally rotating axis (lathe)

multiLathe - 3D

Cloud based software (SaaS) to create numerical control data for horizontal standard 2D rotational cuts.

  • Cutting data calculation for horizontal standard 2D rotational objects
  • Extremely easy to use
  • G-code calculation of 2D contours (DWG/DXF/PLT)
  • Also incorporates compensation for material loss through burn-off and twisting
  • Runs in all modern internet browsers as cloud based software (SaaS)
Cutting data for your plunge cutter

multiPlunge 3D

Create unlimited cutting data for your plunge cutter from 2D DXF or PLT files. This software is also cloud based and comes straight from our internet server (SaaS).

  • Calculates cutting data
  • Extremely easy to use
  • 3 axes plus plunge cutter rotary axis
  • Works with open standard 2D contours
  • Automatic alignment of cutting head
  • Runs on all modern internet browsers as cloud based software (SaaS)
Optimized cutting of round arches and arch profiles.


This cloud based software calculates the cutting data for the segments needed for arched stucco molding straight from your DXF/PLT files.

  • Calculates cutting data for arch profiles
  • Extremely easy to use
  • G-code calculation of 2D contours (DWG/DXF/PLT)
  • Works with standard 2D contours
  • Also incorporates compensation for material loss through burn-off and twisting
  • Runs in all modern internet browsers as cloud based software (SaaS)

I don't need a mammoth, all I need is an elephant.

Does this mammoth like Styrofoam cutting machine of the CUT 4000S series seem a little too big and too expensive for you? Why not take a look at our super-fast CUT 3000S or the slightly smaller sister CUT 2900S. These machines are also true workhorses, which will turn your production around before you know it.

Main features in comparison

CUT2900S CUT3000S CUT 4000S
X-axis max. (1) 5.100 mm 5.100 mm 3.100 mm
Y-axis max. (2) 1.300 mm 1.600 mm 1.300 mm
Wire length max (3) 1.300 mm 5.100 mm 3.100 mm
Number of axes 3 4 3
Number of wires max. 1 (10) 3 10 (20)
Working speed 3.000 mm/min 6.000 mm/min 3.000 mm/min
Type of drive Belt Belt Gear rack / Belt

(1) Track distance forward/backward (2) Track distance up/down (3) maximum wire length


  • Cutting of Styrofoam (EPS), Styrodur (XPS) and polyurethane foams
  • Facade insulations
  • Sloped and pitched roofs
  • Window insulations
  • Shutter boxes and box insulations
  • Gutters
  • Formwork
  • Stucco molding, other long cuts and profiles
  • Molds " Pontoons, floating objects
  • Special packaging (plates, panels, boards, pipes or protective corners)
  • Load protection for heavy duty trucks
  • And many more…


  • Three independently moving axes for interlaced cutting
  • Heavy duty industrial quality machine with all-round open machine table
  • Two-sided spring loaded cutting wire
  • 90° freely turnable cutting arms for contour and panel cuts with up to 10 wires simultaneously (optionally up to 20 wires!)
  • Compatible with standard software such as AutoCAD®, Inventor® and Solid®
  • Runs on Windows 8.1 and 10
  • Data format for imports: DWG, DXF, PLT, STL

Extras and Training

  • Rotation table
  • Horizontal turning axis, lathe
  • Schooling and remote maintenance via TeamViewer
  • Local training on the machines

Delivery contents

When it comes to high performance machines, the CUT 4000S Styrofoam cutting machine is the top model in our entire machine model range. Just like all of our machines, this one is also fully tested, inspected and then packaged for shipping to our customers. The 4000 series also includes a comprehensive equipment package as standard. The montage, local setup and initial operation can either be done by yourself or - for a small surcharge - by one of our experienced technicians within 5 hours. This is what is included in the delivery:

CUT4000S - CNC machine
CNC Machine
Power supply unit for 10 wires
Power supply unit for 10 wires
Windows Computer
CAM Software
Machine software

Technical Data

CUT 4100S CUT 4200S CUT 4300S
Wire length (Z) 1.300 mm 2.100 mm 3.100 mm
Travel forward/backward (X) 3.100 mm
4.100 mm
2.100 mm 1.300 mm
3.100 mm
Travel up/down (Y) 1.300 mm 1.300 mm 1.300 mm
Number of axes 3 3 3
Number of wires 10 10 10
Working speed 3.000 mm/min 3.000 mm/min 3.000 mm/min
Windows PC yes yes yes
Touchscreen Package optional optional optional
Loading by trolley optional optional optional
Electrical connection 110V/220VAC, 50-60Hz 110V/220VAC, 50-60Hz 110V/220VAC, 50-60Hz
Electrical consumption 3.000 W 3.000 W 3.000 W
Dimensions (LxWxH) 4.000x2.000x2.400 mm 3.000x3.000x2.400 mm 4.000x4.200x2.100 mm
Weight 500 kg 410 kg 480 kg


(X) Track distance forward/backward (Y) Track distance up/down (Z) maximum wire length

CUT 4000S - Features

The in Germany manufactured model series CUT 4000S has been specifically designed with large production quantities in mind. But what this machine is really capable of will become apparent when complex contours, ornate Stucco molding and surprisingly realistically looking 3D objects appear from within its amazingly powerful belly. Numerous different extension can make a lot of things possible and will provide a certain comfort that is hardly seen anywhere else in the Styrofoam and Styrodur cutting industry. Please have a look at these outstanding features:

Obviously, also the 4000 model series is built to our sturdy heavy duty industrial quality standards. Our machine tables are all made of welded and powder coated steel - no Aluminum in sight. On the working surface can therefore up to four material blocks be processed simultaneously.

The work area can be loaded via trolley (optional), which will reduce the overall downtime. Whilst the Styrofoam cutting machine is processing the current work load, you can already load the trolley with the next polystyrene block, before rolling the trolley to the machine, where it can be docked. You can then push the next block via the rails onto the machine table and fix it with the latching system. Depending on the machine type, several trolley may be used.

After the cutting process you can push the blocks back onto the trolley. You can then separate the several cut pieces from the block whilst being away from the machine, which in turn reduces the unproductive machine downtimes significantly to a minimum, or maybe even makes them all together obsolete.

The very handy remote control will give you a much better overview of the progress. You can operate the Styrofoam cutting machine with the handheld terminal from wherever you have the best view. It even enables you to manually control the CUT 4000S during easier projects like shortening blocks or cutting smaller panels.

With the digital display and the large control knob you will be able to position the cutting wire exactly where you need it to be - literally down to the millimeter! You can also change the cutting speed from very slow to very fast. And controlling the optional rotational table or the horizontal turning axis (lathe) is just as easy. The display of the terminal shows you exactly the current position of the axes. This way you will be able to manage even the most complicated tasks in no time.

The actual machine stand of the CUT 4000S series comes in a rollable console, which incorporates the PC, a monitor, the keyboard and a mouse. Thanks to its rolls, this unit is also very mobile

The monitor can also come as a touchscreen, which you can use with just your fingertips! This will prevent any mistakes whilst typing, which will also decrease wrong cuts and waste. The work will therefore go more smoothly.

The cutting wire of the CUT 4000S will always have the correct temperature and as a result, your Styrofoam or Styrodur will always be cut cleanly and accurately. The sensor for this temperature is controlled by a so-called microprocessor, which is a small chip-computer that monitors the electrical current - especially when the wire length changes during cutting. Also fluctuations are detected and immediately regulated and compensated by the processor. This will guarantee the highest quality for every single cut, as if the hot wire is cutting through butter.

The Blockslicer for the Styrofoam cutting machine CUT 4000S is turnable by 90°. The freely rotating cutting arms allow horizontal and vertical cuts for contours, boards and panels with 10 wires. However, the machine can be set up for cutting with up to 20 wires! The multiple wire cutting will enable the production of larger quantities quicker and easier.

You can choose a different cutting wire thickness depending on the required level of detail. The 4000 series works with cutting wires between 0.2 to 0.4 mm in diameter. As the wire springs are suspended from the rails and easily disengaged and re-engaged, exchanging these cutting wires can be done quickly and easily.

For the various different cutting wires (between 0.2 to 0.4 mm in diameter) the CUT 4000S also comes with various springs, each with a different stiffness. The stiffer spring will improve any parallel cuts. The pair of springs keeps even longer cutting wires taut at all times, so that the cuts stay clean, exact and straight. The wire suspension can easily be disengaged and re-engaged due to their eyelet connection, which will very much simplify especially often changing projects on the machine. The maximum usable wire length is 3,100 mm.

The optional rotational table adds a vertically rotating axis to the CNC Styrofoam cutting machine. This additional axis is computer controlled and allows the very easy cutting of symmetrical objects such as vases and eggs or asymmetrical objects like hemispheres.

The sturdy lathe is also an optional extra and will add a computer controlled horizontally turning axis to the CNC hot wire cutting machine. This lathe will effortlessly create contorted columns and other long 3D objects in no time at all.

A shapeable profile wire is the slightly more specialized cutting wire in the mix. The pre-shaped wire will peel contours and shapes out of polystyrene evenly and quickly, whilst the CNC cutting machine guides this wire over all of the three axes (X, Y, Z). Our CUT 4000S is also suitable for cutting a bending template out of Styrofoam (XPS), which will aid in shaping the cutting wire around it by hand. Artistic or organically realistic looking contours might even come out better, if you shape the wire without using such a template. Our tip: Combine the shapeable profile wire with the rotational table (see above). On this vertically rotating axis any silhouette will look like it was done on a turning table (lathe). This includes column capitals, column bases and column heads etc.

Some of our machines can be transformed into a Styrofoam mill and the CUT 4000S is one of them. With just a few steps, the modular machine components can be exchanged and turn this mammoth Styrofoam cutting machine into a Styrofoam milling machine. The mill head is movable in the direction of all three axes (X, Y, Z) and will literally turn this already hardworking CNC cutting machine into yet another true workhorse. This transformed unit will easily eat its way into all kinds of materials, such as EPS, XPS, EPP and other soft foams, but it will also manage to bring PVC, wood, GFK, CFK and other harder materials into shape.

The CUT 4000S comes with a feature specifically designed to cut multiple smaller panels out of larger boards - aptly named the panel cutting function. This so called "trimming" doesn't require a separate cutting program and is already included in the comprehensive machine software as standard.

This mammoth Styrofoam cutting machine manages to process blocks the size of 3,000 x 1,250 x 1,050 mm. Sometimes you might just need to cut one "slice" from one of these huge blocks or you may want to shorten them in their overall length. This is also no problem for the machine software, which even has a material saving nesting feature, which will optimize the material in such a way that it will cut smaller squares out of one larger block for further processing and thereby decreasing material waste. This nesting mode is part of our multiCut software.

Our CAM Software will provide you with all the necessary tools to get started and to process anything from rotational cutting, to lathe cutting, the creation of shaped profile cutting wires (Profiler), multi-profile and multiple wire cutting. multiCUT is a cloud based software and runs independent from any operating system on any Windows or Mac computer. As this is a web based service, each update and the continuously growing data catalogue will be available to you immediately. To be able to use the cloud based software you will need a modern internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. The supported file formats are DWG, DXF, PLT or STL, which can be exported directly into the StyroCAM software fast and easily.

StyroCAM is also extremely cost effective, due to the division of several tasks: for example, you can already prepare an upcoming project, whilst the hot wire cutting machine still processes the current assignment. Simply load the newly designed 2D contours in DWG, DXF or PLT format into our StyroCAM Software and the machine will do the rest.

StyroCAM creates your complete 2D and 3D cutting data within mere seconds. The G-codes are transferred into the CNC Styrofoam cutting machine via our network or a USB stick. After that, the machine software will completely control the cutting data during the actual process.

Would like to test-"ride" our mammoth?

Free technical support

Enough of the gray theories! How about a trip into real life productions, live running machines and getting to see for yourself just how powerful all of our machines actually are? We will be happy to show you around - including the CUT 4000S! - and answer all your questions right there and then, when you come to visit our competence center in Ilmenau, Germany for a live presentation by our experienced and well-trained cnc-multitool staff.

Do you still have any questions? Or would you like to talk to us beforehand? Or do you prefer to talk over the phone in general? Why don't you give us a call right now or write us a quick message? Our advice is always free of charge and we are looking forward to speaking to you.


Other products that might be of interest to you

CUT2500S Series

CUT 2500S

Universally extendable CNC Styrofoam cutting machine for frequently changing applications. Variable cutting wire up to 5 meters long. 4 axes cuts plus rotational axis possible. For manufacturers, creative designers and universities.

  • Computer controled system (CNC)
  • Optimized for standard boards and blocks
  • Operating wire length up to 5,000 !
  • Sturdy steel construction (no Aluminum)
  • Extendable: rotation table, profile cuts, multiple wire cuts, plunge cutting etc.
CUT 2500S - 3D Craft
CUT2900S foam cutting machine


  • Stable, open machine table
  • 1 cutting wire up to 3m length
  • Maintenance free drives
  • Large XPS-panles and EPS-blocks
  • CNC contur cutting with a single wire
CUT 2900S
Cut3000S Serie

CUT 3000S

The all-rounder of our CNC Styrofoam cutting machines for boards, ashlars, cubes, balls, spheres, symbols, scenery, stucco and crown moldings etc. The possibilities are endless! Large cutting area, 4 axes cutting and lathe cuts and much more. Easy to use and a strong performer.

  • Four independent axes
  • Wire tensioner
  • Fast cutting - even of big blocks
  • Versatile and infinitely adjustable
  • Extendable: rotation table, lathe
CUT 3000S - 3D Production