FW 4000H
Softfoam and
Rock wool

2 Axis Fast Wire Machine






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    CNC Fastwire Cutting machine
    FW 4000H - Serie

    Fast wire cutting machines are perfect for all those materials that cannot be cut thermally. These include flexible foams (PE, PP and PUR), as well as mineral wool (glass wool, Fiberglas, rock wool and slag wool) and Styrofoam (EPS) and Styrodur (XPS).

    The FW 4000H machines works abrasive: Basically, it grates away the material with its endless wire. The cutting wire is only one to two millimeters thick and rotates with a working speed of around 300 km/h. Hence the reason, why the FW 4000H series manages extremely fine cuts and contours with high cutting speeds.

    Made for Production

    Thanks to the extremely sturdy steel frame the FW 4000H Fastwire series targets the commercial production. The machine will process the 2D shapes, profiles, contours, pipe-isolation, panels and a lot more completely unattended. The incomparably fast FW 4000H will kick the production of furniture builders and upholsterers as well as manufacturers of Insulation and packaging up a notch.

    FW 4000H - CNC Machine
    CNC Machine FW 4140H for 4m long material blocks with forklift option and side protection.

    Technical Data

    FW 4120H
    FW 4130H
    FW 4140H
    Machine Size (LxWxH)
    450x250x220 cm
    650x250x220 cm
    850x250x220 cm
    Cutting Length (1)
    2.000 mm
    3.000 mm
    4.000 mm
    Cutting Width (3)
    1.250 mm
    Cutting Height (2)
    1.250 mm
    Cutting Speed.
    6 m/min
    Power Supply
    380VAC, 3 Phasen 50-60Hz
    Motor Wire
    4.2 kW luftgekühlt
    7.5 kW
    Stepper motors
    800 kg
    1.100 kg
    1.500 kg

    (1) Track distance forward/backward (2) Track distance up/down (3) maximum wire length (Price) Plus sales tax and shipping

    Delivery contents

    The FW 4000H is a very powerful and high performance fast wire cutting machine for the commercial production. This machine will be fully tested, inspected first and then packaged for delivery. The montage and start up can either be done by the customer themselves or, for a small surcharge, they will have the option to call out one of our technicians, who will be able to set them up and get them running within 3 hours. The standard equipment contains the following components:

    FW 4000H - CNC machine
    CNC Machine
    Windows Computer
    CAM Software
    Machine Software
    cutting wire
    Cutting Wire

    Safty first

    The Fastwire series owes its extremely fast cutting performance to the incomparably quickly moving and finely barbed cutting wire. According to the federal occupational safety regulations, these kinds of machines do require a certain set of safety measures to protect the workers and operators. This is why cnc-multitool also supplies a protective safety housing for the FW 4000H as standard equipment straight from our factory. This safety fence will prevent the accidental contact with the rotating cutting wire while it's running.

    Fast wire cutting is a mechanical process that will inevitably generate a lot of noise and dust. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that any operator or worker near and around a running fast wire cutting machine has to comply with the current hearing and respiratory protection rules and regulations. We also recommend to continuously remove the sawing dust with an industrial extractor fan. However, as the FW 4000H does work mostly unattended, the hearing protection is only necessary, when workers and employees are near the machine when it's running.

    CNC Machine FW 4240H with securety housing and signal lamp.

    Live - Demonstration

    Free technical online support

    This new Fastwire technology has to be seen - preferably live and in action. So, why not schedule a visit with our team in our competence center in Ilmenau, Germany right now? You will be able to see for yourself just how advanced this development of our Fastwire cutting machine is and how your production could benefit from it. This applies especially to those, who have already worked with previous models of fast wire cutting machines. The smooth collaboration between our powerful hardware and high performance software really is a sight worth savoring. You won't want to leave once you are here.

    Our experienced and fully trained staff will gladly answer all your questions and show you in a live presentation what this FW 4000H is capable of. Why not write to us or simply give us a call right now!



    Fast wire cutting machines are true "carnivores". They cut flexible foams (PE, PP and PUR) as well as mineral wool (glass wool, Fiberglas, rock wool, slag wool), buta also just as easily Styrofoam (EPS) and Styrodur (XPS).

    Polypropylene & Polyethylene
    Polypropylene & Polyethylene
    Polyurethane - (PU, PUR)
    Polyurethane - (PU, PUR)
    Polystyrene - Styrofoam, styrodur
    Polystyrene - (EPS, XPS)
    Mineral & glass wool
    Mineral & glass wool


    Technische Zuschnitte
    Technical cuts
    Technische Zuschnitte
    Sound insulation
    Mattress foams
    Special packaging


    Piocelan® cutting
    PU-Foam cutting
    PE-Foam cutting
    Styrofoam (XPS) cutting

    FW 4000H - Features

    Here is an overview of its most important features:

    The FW 4000H series comes with a machine table made of welded and powder coated steel. The work top can be loaded comfortably from three sides manually or with a forklift. It will provide enough support for heavier materials and prevent them from slipping whilst being cut. We do recommend to clamp lighter materials or to fixate them with double-sided adhesive tape.

    A high-quality 4.2kW IEC rotary asynchronous motor "made in Germy" is used to drive the wire. Low weight thanks to aluminium housings, constant speed and sufficient power reserves even at high speeds distinguish these special motors.

    The matching frequency inverter with 7.5kW allows safe and low-wear operation

    Choose the right wire for the material. We deliver ready to use endless wire with a diameter between 1 to 2 mm. As a rule of thumb: the thinner the wire, the finer the cut. The maximum usable wire length is around 1,250 mm.

    Blocks made of styrofoam or foam are well suited for cutting. Depending on the material, these standard blocks are 2.0 m long, 1.25 m wide and 1.0 m high. Thanks to the optimised travel paths, the FW 4000H series can also be used to cut entire blocks in one go.

    You can cut off panels of various thickness manually or automatically. If the software controls the process, the machine even runs unattended.

    The fully automatic plate cutting function of the FW 4000H allows the cutting of plates from entire blocks

    The FW 4000H series provides maintenance-free chain drive and rack-and-pinion drive for a long service life. As a result, large amounts of mineral wool, foam or PE, PP and PUR foams can be cut repeatedly accurately.

    With our styroCAM software, you can generate the machine program quickly and easily from a drawing. No prior knowledge is required. styroCAM is "Software in the Cloud" and runs operating system independently on any Windows or MAC system. Each update is immediately available to you. Simply use the web-based program via a browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. The software works with DWG, DXF, PLT files.

    StyroCAM creates your finished 2D cutting data in a matter of seconds. These programs then reach the CNC machine via network or USB stick.


    Every CNC machine requires sophisticated CAM software for fast and uncomplicated editing of cutting programs.

    To do this, create drawings in CorelDraw® or AutoCAD or any other vector program and export them as DXF, DWG or PLT drawings. These drawings are then loaded into our styroCAM software and converted into a machine program with just a few clicks, which can be subsequently cut.
    Here's a selection of software that will help you get the start-finish victory with the FW 4000H::

    CAD Software

    CAD Std

    The strength of this CAD program is that drawings in vector format can created quick and easily. The DXF export enables immediate processing for further use.

    • CAD drawing program
    • Free of charge
    • Unlimited downloads
    • Very easy to use
    • Works fast
    Optimized cutting to save on material (Nesting)

    multiCUT - Nest

    Cloud based software (SaaS) to calculate numerical control data for standard 2D objects with and without entry and exit cuts.

    • Calculates cutting data for standard 2D objects
    • Extremely easy to use
    • G-code calculation from DWG/DXF/PLT files from CorelDraw, Adobe AI, AutoCAD
    • Cuts with or without entry/exit cuts
    • Runs in all modern browsers as cloud based software (SaaS)
    Control data for automated panel and board cuts


    The cloud based software creates the numerical control data for the automated cutting of panels and boards.

    • Calculation of cutting data for panels and boards
    • Extremely easy to use
    • G-code calculation without drawing (blueprint) for individual boards or entire blocks
    • Also incorporates compensation for material loss through burn-off and twisting
    • Runs in all modern internet browsers as cloud based software (SaaS)

    Is the fast wire machine right for you?

    Would you agree that nowadays many design engineers develop their machines past its actually needed use? In our group of companies, we produce foam pieces from EPS, XPS and other materials on a daily basis, which is why cnc-multitool is able to offer actually practical hardware and software - literally from users for users.


    • Cutting of plastic foams (PUR, PP, PE), Styrofoam (EPS), Styrodur (XPS), mineral wool etc.
    • Panels, plates, tubes, protective corners, profiles
    • Letters, numbers, symbols, logos, lettering
    • Templates, patterns
    • And many more ...


    • CNC Fastwire machine (fast wire cutting machine)
    • Low maintenance belt drive
    • Two axes (forward/backward, up/down)
    • Ready to use, revolving cutting wire for contours, 1 - 2 mm diameter
    • Usable wire length 1,300 mm
    • Wire working speed ca. 300km/h
    • Quick positioning of up to 3 m/min.
    • Machine in industrial quality with open machine table
    • Compatible with standard software such as AutoCAD®, Inventor® and Solid®
    • Runs on Windows 8.1 or 10
    • Data formats for import: DWG, DXF, PLT


    • Construction: floor insulation, sloped panels for gradient insulation, formwork technology
    • Health: leg pillows/vein wedges, massage beds
    • Logistics: packaging, truck load safety
    • Furniture & home: seat cushions and cubes, arm rests, seats for children, stroller insets/pads, upholstery for yachts, caravans, lounges etc., mattresses and folding cushions (like guest beds), pillows and neck rolls, bolsters, padding
    • Engineering/technology: mold making, filter inserts
    • And many more…

    »I have never experienced such an unproblematic and easy integration into an existing production… I personally consider the sturdy machine construction as extremely future-proof.«

    Upholstery "Polsterei Schumann" (Upper management)


    • Qualität »Made in Germany«
    • Intelligent: Computer controlled (CNC) via Windows PC (10)
    • Sophisticated: Type of wire can be adapted to the corresponding material
    • Practical: Manual mode; cutting standard block sizes in one operation, touchscreen for easier use directly on the screen
    • Sturdy: Welded and powder coated steel construction - no Aluminum!


    • Shipping: around eight weeks
    • Ready to use: Comes fully tested and preassembled
    • Fast: Inside Germany the technician will come within 48 hours.
    • Modular: Machine components are easily exchanged by the operator.
    • Training: By our experienced and well-trained staff
    • Advice: We will support our customers from the initial contact up to the final solution.
    • Recourses: We will provide our customers with trusted suppliers of various different types of foam and condensable foams.


    • Safety device
    • Touchscreen: easy to use directly on the screen
    • StyroCAM "Cloud based software "Made in Germany"

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