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GT1010S - EPS Schneide-Guillotine

EPS Guillotine Cutter

Semi-automatic hot wire cutting machine for the automated cross-cutting of Styrofoam blocks, profiles and Styrodur boards and panels. Operation is done by simply pressing a button. The working speed is freely adjustable at any point - even whilst cutting.

  • Operates by simply pressing a button
  • Optimized for standard panels, boards and blocks
  • Usable wire length up to 1,300 mm!
  • Sturdy steel construction (no Aluminum)
GT1010S - EPS Guillotine Cutter
SHD2000 - EPS Wire Recycler

EPS Wire Recycler

EPS Hot Wire Block Recycler. Cost effective recycling of Styrofoam waste into a re-usable packaging product. Transform your waste product into packaging foam, without dust or static charge.

  • Recycling size: 1.000 x 1.000 mm
  • Infinitely adjustable cutting temperature
  • 40 wires simultaneously
  • Individual cutting grid pattern
SHD2000S - EPS Wire Recycler
BC 500S Rotationsschneider für säulen kapitell


Semi-automated cutting machine to create round objects out of Styrofoam. A pre-shaped cutting wire will cut sculptures like column heads, column bases or vases. Setting up the machine is quick and easy.

  • Working area: d1,000 x 600 mm
  • Infinitely adjustable cutting speed
  • Infinitely adjustable wire temperature
  • Unlimited shapes and forms possible
BC 500 S - BaseCutter
AC 1500S Rundbogenschneider, runde Stuckleisten


Automated cutting machine for the manufacturing of curved and arched Styrofoam profiles. You can quickly and easily cut round and curved arches and Stucco molding with a pre-shaped cutting wire.

  • Fast cutting
  • Infinitely adjustable cutting speed
  • Infinitely adjustable wire temperature
  • Inlimited shapes and forms possible
AC 1500S - ArchCutter
TC 4400CB - Stuckleistenbeschichtungsanlage


This machine will automatically coat facade molding made from Styrofoam or Styrodur. The working speed is infinitely adjustable. For the coating material we recommend our mineral TrimCoat, which is a special type of plaster that has been especially developed for outdoor use.

  • Profiles up to 2,000 x 600 x 600 mm
  • Infinitely adjustable cutting speed
  • Optimized conveyer belt (1,500 mm)
  • Individual standard templates
TC4000CB - TrimCoater