Polyurethane Cartridge Sytem for easy coating of polystyrene.

Q-SPRAY 150C is a 2-component polyurethane hard coating, is solvent-free and particularly suitable for the coating of polystyrene and styrodur (EPS / XPS).

Q-SPRAY 150C hardens in about 10 seconds and can be applied to horizontal and vertical surfaces without without running off. Q-SPRAY 150C forms a hard, impact resistant surface. It can be sprayed into rubber molds to make fast, impact resistant castings.

To process Q-SPRAY 150C, our Cartridge Gun is required. Hardened Q-SPRAY 150C is highly shock-resistant and tough.


Q_SPRAY 150C Polyurethane Coating System


    145,00 € + Tax



  • Protection, Reinforcing, Moulding
  • Props, Film & TV
  • Packing, special packing
  • Mold, formwork construction
  • Horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • In mould spraying with release agent
  • Hobby and Crafts


  • Reinforcing and protecting
  • Waterproofing and high impact resistant
  • No VOC’s and no odors
  • Direct application on polystyrene and Pur foam
  • Direct in mould application for reproduction of objects
  • Up to 5mm thickness
  • Hard, impact-resistant surface
  • Automatic mixing by double cartridge
  • Easy to use

Technical Data

Q-SPRAY Cartridge
Cartridge Capacity 2 x 750ml
Mix Ratio 1 : 1 ( 750ml x 750ml)
Covering 2 qm @ 0.7mm Dicke
  21 sq. ft. @ 30 mils
Shore D 70-75
Color off white
VOC free
Gel Time 10 sec
Tack free time 60 sec
Demoulding after 5-15 min
Paintable 5-15 min

Content of delivery

  • 3 filled Q-SPRAY 150C Cartridges
  • 3 Q-SPRAY Static Mixer, Atomizing Tip
  • Manual

To spray the Material our Q-SPRAY Cartridge Gun is needed and is not part of the delivery.

Delivery Q_SPRAY 150C Polyurethane Coating System Q-SPRAY

Optional Accessories

  • Q-SPRAY Cartridge Gun
  • Q-SPRAY Static Mixer
  • Q-SPRAY Primer


  • About 1 weeks after receiving payment
  • Insured transportation via UPS or DHL
  • Pickup available