Rolling shutter boxes made of Polystyrene for a growing market

Rolling shutter boxes made of Styrofoam, Styrodur, Neopor and other polystyrene foams are part of a growing market. With each new novel released by EnEV - the German Energy Saving Ordinance - builders are faced with new regulations regarding thermal insulation: Only perfectly insulated rolling shutter boxes will pass the inspection and achieve the by law required heat transition coefficient (U-value) of currently 0,28 W/(m²·K). It's not only the growing demand for larger living areas that increases the demand for rolling shutter boxes made of Styrofoam, Styrodur and Neopor. Energy saving thermal insulation also plays a huge part in modernizing and renovating projects these days.

Are you a manufacturer for rolling shutter boxes or are you thinking about possibly joining this growing market? Then you will need a technology that works as flexible as your customer's orders: from individual products to larger batches. Only a fast and robust CNC Styrofoam cutting machine will be able to manage a high productivity. And this also requires easy to use software. If you are planning to get into a larger production of rolling shutter boxes, then we recommend the following machines:

Manufacture rolling shutter boxes in series or custom

For the insulation of built-in blinds and rolling shutter boxes you should trust the professional technology of cnc-multitool. We ourselves produce 2D and 3D objects for our clients out of XPS and EPS. This is why you will not only receive the hardware and the software directly from us, but also our advice, experience and support - from the user for the user. What this means for you? See for yourself:

Rolling shutter insulation boxes
Rolling shutter insulation boxes
Rolling shutter box insulation mat
Rolling shutter box insulation mat
Insulated rolling shutter box
Insulated rolling shutter box
Built-in rolling shutter boxes

From the assignment to the solution


You would like to cut the following elements for thermally insulated rolling shutter boxes out of polystyrene (EPS, XPS):

  • Complete rolling shutter boxes made of polystyrene for the shell construction as full shell or half shell
  • Round arch rolling shutter boxes: as basket arch, round arch, segmental arch
  • Sandwich design: composition of Styrofoam, Neopor and/or Styrodur parts
  • Lintel elements for externally mounted rolling shutters
  • Boxes for blinds
  • Rolling shutter box insulation made of Styrofoam, Styrodur or Neopor for the renovation and subsequent thermal protection
  • Individual cuts for the insulation and sealing of old rolling shutter boxes
  • Grooved mats as flexible insulation elements for the hobby-builder and DIYer (in Sandwich design a composition of Styrofoam, a diffusion-open carrier foil and Neopor)


For these projects the machine should fulfil the following requirements:

  • Cut Styropor® (Styrofoam), Neopor® and Styrodur®
  • Ability to produce 2D objects
  • Two parallel X/Y axes for interlaced cutting
  • Computer controlled (CNC)
  • Import of drawings and data from standard software such as AutoCad® or Corel Draw®.


With these extensions you will be able to work even more flexible and productive:

  • Trolleys for the loading of hot wire cutting machine
  • Handheld terminal as a portable machine stand
  • Multi-wire block slicer with cutting arms that can be freely turned by 90° for mass cuts with up to 20 cutting wires simultaneously
  • Cutting Guillotine for the shortening of panels, boards and blocks
  • Wire Recycler for the cutting of polystyrene waste into much smaller pieces for easier disposal
  • Styrofoam mill with freely moving mill head (3 axes) and optional axis expansion for PVC, wood, GFK, CFK and other hard materials
  • multiCUT Software for material optimized cutting of elements for rolling shutter boxes and insulation for subsequent thermal protection

Intelligent task distribution

Specializing will increase productivity. This kind of teamwork does also exist between the machines at cnc-multitool. Obviously, the Styrofoam cutting machine CUT 4000S can shorten panels, boards and blocks. However, if you were to leave this job to our Cutting Guillotine GT 1010S, then the 4000 series will be able to focus on more complex tasks: like cutting parts for building rolling shutter boxes.

With the Wire Recycler SHD 2000S you will be able to lower the costs for the waste management. Currently, it costs about 100 Euros (ca. 120 US-Dollars) to dispose of one container with 5m³ of clean Styrofoam waste. With the much smaller block cuts of the hot wire recycler you will be able to make better use of the container volume: you will literally pay for the disposal of the material - not the air!

More economical with interlocked solutions


The better the individual components for the building of rolling shutter boxes will interlock with each other, the more economical will your overall solution work. This is why you will need a fast, sturdy and flexibly expandable CNC Styrofoam cutting machine to begin with. And it will be the sophisticated, easy to learn software that comes with it that will release the full potential of the hardware. The result is a very powerful and at the same time easy to use system solution.

Avoid isolated solutions

free technical support

cnc-multitool develops the most important programs within our very own group of companies. We also integrate standard programs such as CorelDraw, AutoCAD or multiCAD via standardized interfaces. This way you will be able to profit as our client every day from our long-term experience as a service provider for hard foam cuts.

Count on complete solutions by cnc-multitool and add some new power into your production. You will be able to offer your clients rolling shutter boxes at competitive prices and you will also increase your profit. We will be happy to show you all of our machines suitable for your needs in our competence center here in Ilmenau in Germany in a live presentation. Do you have any questions? Why not quickly write us a short message or even better - why not give us call right now?


»Since we are using the hot wire cutting machine together with the Styrofoam mill and the incredible software by cnc-multitool, our productivity has doubled.«

Axel Huber (Executive director and owner, rolling shutter box production)

CUT 4000S:
One CNC Styrofoam cutting machine, many possibilities

CUT4000S to cut with up to 20 wires

Please, always consider the quantity and quality of your products, when choosing the right machine. cnc-multitool offers various different computer controlled machines that are suitable for the manufacturing of rolling shutter boxes. The best choice is our mammoth of our hot wire cutting machines - the CUT 4000S. And with its usable wire length of up to 3,100 mm, it is perfect for much more than just building rolling shutter boxes.

The 4000 series has plenty of reserves, to be able to also produce other products such as roof insulation or Stucco molding. A block slicer with up to 20 cutting wires, independent Y-axis for interlaced cutting and a freely turning 90° cutting arm makes it a very powerful work horse for your mass production.

Learn more about our solutions by cnc-multitool for sloped and flat roof insulation.

Wire length and machine type

With a maximum wire length of 3,100 mm you will be perfectly equipped for the cutting of most rolling shutter and blinds boxes. With a much longer wire, the cutting speed will decrease. The maximum height and width of processable Styrofoam and Neopor blocks is 1,250 mm. We have optimized the following machines for the cutting of rolling shutter and blinds boxes:

CUT2500S Styrofoam cutting machine

CUT 2500S

Universally expandable CNC Styrofoam cutting machine for frequently changing applications. Variable cutting wire length up to 5 meters. 4 cutting axes plus rotational axis available. For manufacturers, creative designers and universities.

  • Computer controlled (CNC)
  • Optimized for standard panels, boards and blocks
  • Useable wire length up to 5,000 mm!
  • Sturdy steel construction (no Aluminum)
  • Expandable: rotation table, profile cutter, multiple wire cutter, plunge cutter etc.
CUT 2500S - 3D Craft
3D Cut3000S Series

CUT 3000S

The allrounder of our CNC Styrofoam cutting machines for panels, boards, squares, spheres, symbols, backdrops, Stucco molding … Large cutting area, 4 axes and lathe cutting and much more. Very easy to operate, powerful performance.

  • Independant axes
  • Wire tensioner
  • Fast cutting of larger blocks
  • Versatile and infinitely configurable
  • Expandable: rotation table, lathe.
CUT 3000S - 3D Production
CUT 4000S - 2.5D CNC cutting machine

CUT 4000S

Extremely powerful performance - the CNC Styrofoam cutting machine for industrial production. Cuts panels and boards with up to 20 wires simultaneously. Independent Y-axis enables interlaced cutting for sloped roofs etc.

  • Three independent axes
  • Multi-wire machine for mass cutting with up to 20 cutting wires
  • Freely turnable 90° cutting arms
  • Endlessly expandable: rotation table, lathe, plunge cutter, Styrofoam mill
CUT 4000S - 2.5D Production

Which materials are suitable for rolling shutter boxes?

Styrofoam boards and Styrofoam blocks

Styropor® (EPS)

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a very well-known material, which is owned by BASF and a protected under its trademark Styropor®. Hot wire cutting machine processes the material into panels, boards or blocks. The EPS panels can be up to 300 mm thick and usually come in the sizes 1,000 x 500 mm. Blocks are available in a length up to 5,000 mm in the standard size 1,250 x 1,050 mm. Styrofoam is classified as a fire resistant material according to the German Building material class B1. Since 2014, EPS will only contain hazard-free flame retardants and can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way (see below).

  • Large blocks up to 1,250 x 1,050 x 5,000 mm
  • Smooth, finely pearled surface, white
  • Can be cut thermally extremely well
  • Application; complete rolling shutter and blinds boxes, individual parts for sandwich designs, lintel elements for externally mounted rolling shutter boxes, panels and profiles for subsequent rolling shutter box insulation
Neopor panels & blocks


Neopor® is also a trademark owned by BASF and comes as a silver grey hard foam made of expanded polystyrene (EPS). Graphite particles give this material its lead-grey color. This grey EPS distributes and absorbs thermal radiation up to 20% better than Styrofoam. This makes this material extremely suitable for the insulation of cold bridges (which are really heat bridges) inside rolling shutter boxes. Neopor is available as panel, board or block in the usual size of 1,000 x 500 mm and with a thickness of up to 300 mm. Blocks are available in the standard size 1,250 x 1,050 mm and in a length of up to 5,000 mm. The grey EPS complies with the requirements for fire prevention according to the German Building material class B1 (European class E).

  • Larger blocks in sizes 1,250 x 1,050 x 5,000 mm
  • Smooth, finely pearled surface, anthracite
  • Can be cut thermally extremely well
  • Applications: like Styrofoam or as composite material together with Styrofoam or Styrodur
Styrodur boards

Styrodur® (XPS)

BASF sells XPS under its trademark Styrodur® as boards in the standards size 3,100 x 650 mm and in thicknesses up to 160 mm. Depending on the manufacturer, you can get XPS in various different colors: Austrotherm pink, BASF green, Dow Chemical blue, JACKON Insulation purple and URSA yellow. The dense and closed cell structure of XPS has finer pores, is homogeneous, smooth and can withstand pressure better than EPS. The XPS material is also conform with the requirements for fire prevention according to the German Building material class B1.

  • Boards up to 3,100 x 650 x 160 mm
  • Surface has fine pores, is homogeneous, smooth and pressure resistant
  • Can be cut extremely well
  • Applications: same as Styrofoam or as composite material together with Styrofoam or Neopor

No worries about the disposal

flame retardant HBCD

This material poses no danger for the residents of houses with insulation containing HBCD.

The main material of all polystyrenes is mineral oil. However, this was not the reason, why Styrofoam (EPS) and Styrodur (XPS) as insulation material ended up in the headlines in the past. The criticism was predominantly against the flame retardant HBCD (Hexabromocyclododecane) that was contained in the insulation used. The HBCD is manufactured with Brome and it is believed that it could be hazardous to the health of humans and animals, which is why households and companies are no longer permitted to dispose of Styrofoam waste that contains this substance in waste incinerating plants. Fact is, that this particular flame retardant degrades only very slowly in the environment. However, according to the German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) the latest tests have revealed that houses with insulation containing HBCD pose no hazardous threat for the residents.

Dispose of polystyrene worry-free

The industry has listened to the criticism of environmentalists and reacted accordingly: Since 2014, manufacturers of polystyrenes no longer contain flame retardants with Brome. Therefore, the now available Styrofoam can be disposed of worry-free. Why is this new trend for EPS and XPS polystyrenes not mentioned in the press? The media prefers to push drama and prophecies of doom, instead of actually informing the public of positive changes.

Polystyrene by the cutting experts

Technical support free of charge

Why not order your EPS and/or XPS directly from us! The polystyrene we supply conforms to the latest requirements for the environmental protection. If you have any questions regarding our material choices, then simply give us a call! Or write to us. We are looking forward to hear from you.


Our software:
Not such a Softy for hard foams

The mass production of rolling shutter boxes and insulation for built-in blinds is only really possible with the perfect setup. Most manufacturers tend to produce individual custom pieces and smaller batches. These order numbers sometimes fluctuate depending on the building plans of the clients between both extremes. This is why all programs - from the planning to the preparation and then the actual production - must be flexible enough to be able to adjust to the various different demands. The modules by cnc-multitool, with the additional industry standard AutoCAD, support your throughout the entire design and production process with the following tasks:

  • Price calculation
  • Computer supported design (CAD)
  • Translating the graphic design into actual cutting data
  • Control of the cutting process
  • Documentation of projects

For the manufacturing of rolling shutter boxes and insulation of built-in blinds we recommend the following software:

CAD Drawing program multiCAD


CAD program - free of charge - for the uninhibited design in vector format. The software exports your designs per DXF format into the production.

  • CAD drawing program
  • Free of charge
  • Unlimited installs
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Works fast
  • DXF export
Calculation of material and cutting prices


Cloud based software (SaaS) for the calculation of pricing for letters and logos (painted, unpainted, coated or Plexiglas).

  • Calculation of material prices, cutting prices, painting, coating
  • Easy to use
  • Runs in modern internet browsers as cloud based software service (SaaS)
  • Direct import of DWG/DXF/PLT data from CAD etc.
  • Can be used and configured individually
Two-dimensional EPS-contours with cutting entry/exit

multiCUT - 2D

This cloud based software (SaaS) will create numerical control data for 2D cuts and contours.

  • Cutting data calculation for standard 2D cuts
  • Perfect for rolling shutter boxes as full shell, half shell, round arch, basket arch, segmental arch as well as grooved Flexi-mats, composite parts for sandwich designs etc.
  • Extremely easy to use
  • G-code calculation from DXF/PLT export from CorelDraw and multiCAD
  • Cuts with entry/exit cuts
  • Runs in modern internet browsers as cloud based software service (SaaS)

Other Software

Apart from rolling shutter boxes, would you also like to cut other elements and objects? cnc-multitool offers the perfect program and machine for any application. You can find more information here:

The proof is in the pudding!

Technical support free of charge

YES, you are allowed to touch it! This is our motto in our competence center in Ilmenau, Germany. Here you can literally see, feel and test our hot wire cutting machines in a live presentation. The easy to use system solutions by cnc-multitool will get you excited - we can promise you that! We would also like to clarify any questions or queries before you come and visit, if you like. Just simply give us a call or write us a message.