CNC Fastwire - Overview

Our CNC high-speed wire cutting machines for commercial production are quality machines Made in Germany at an unbeatable price. Each machine is assembled by us by hand, adjusted and extensively tested . Only this way we can be sure that all machines work reliable and permanently with the required performance. You want to cut flexible foams (made of PE, PP and PUR) and mineral wool (glass wool, rock wool, slag wool), but also Styrofoam (EPS) and Styrodur (XPS)? Than you are are in the right place.

FW 1000H Coldwire machine

Compact size

  • Ideal for slabs and small blocks
  • 2 axes
  • 1 wire, 1,250 mm long
  • Table length uop to 3,000 mm
FW 1000H - 2D
FW 2000H Coldwire machine

Entry series

  • Stable, open machine table
  • 2 axes
  • 1 wire, 1,250 mm long
  • Table length 2,000mm
FW 2000H - 2D
FW 4000H Coldwire machine

Production machine

  • Securety installation
  • 2 axes
  • 1 wire, up to 2,000 mm long
  • Table length up to 5,000mm
FW 4000H - 2D