FW2000H - cold wire cutting machine for production

FW 2000H
Inexpensive entry
into the world of
Cold wire cutting

2 Axis CNC Fast Wire Machine

from 37.500,00 €






CNC Fastwire Cutting machine FW 2000H:
Cold wire cutting made easy

FW2000H - CNC Fastwire Cutting machine
FW2000H - Computer Table
FW2000H - cutting wire
FW2000H - Wire cutting Software styroCAM

CNC-controlled fast wire cutting machines for cutting all thermally cutable and non-cutable materials.

These machines enable quick and inexpensive entry into processing flexible foam (EPE, PE, PP and PUR), of mineral wool (glass wool, rock wool, Slag wool), as well as for Styrofoam (EPS) and Styrodur (XPS).

Cold wire machines cut abrasive. A rough endless wire saws its way through the material. The cutting wire is only one to two millimeters thick and rotates at almost 300 km / h. This cnc-controlled machine works extremely precise and allows fine contour cuts with impressive accuracy. We recommend this machine to all customers who are looking for a reliable and affordable machine to get started with cold wire cutting.


  • Qualität »Made in Germany«
  • Intelligent: Computer controlled (CNC) via Windows PC
  • Sophisticated: Type of wire can be adapted to the corresponding material
  • Practical: Manual mode; cutting standard block sizes in one operation, touchscreen for easier use directly on the screen
  • Sturdy: Welded and powder coated steel construction - no Aluminum!


  • Shipping: around 12 weeks
  • Ready to use: Comes fully tested and preassembled
  • Fast: Inside Germany the technician will come within 48 hours.
  • Modular: Machine components are easily exchanged by the operator.
  • Training: By our experienced and well-trained staff
  • Advice: We will support our customers from the initial contact up to the final solution.
  • Recourses: We will provide our customers with trusted suppliers of various different types of foam and condensable foams.


  • Security installation
  • Computer package
  • Cutting wire

»Thank you, despite a small budget, we were able to get started with cold wire cutting. We are 100% satisfied. We took care of the safety equipment ourselves.«

Upholstery "Schumann" (Upper management)

Made for Production

The FW 2000H Fastwire series impresses commercial users with its stable machine table. It cuts 2D shapes, profiles, pipe sections, panels and much more. So the FW 2000H not only speeds up the production of furniture makers and upholsterers but also the manufacturers of insulating materials and packaging .

FW 2000H - CNC Maschine
CNC Machine FW 2120 for cutting rock wool.

FW 2000H - Features

The FW 2000H stands for quality made in Germany. Each machine is assembled, adjusted and extensively tested by us by hand. This is the only way we can be sure that all machines work reliable and deliver the required performance for a long time.

Basic equipment

Basic equipment FW 4000H

The FW 2000H was designed to process all thermally cuttable and none cuttable materials, such as PE, PP and PUR, but also EPS and XPS panels and blocks up to a size of 1,250x1,250 mm and a length of up to 2m.

Thanks to the compact and stable construction, the FW 2000H is awell priced high performance machine to get started with fastwire cutting. The machine table built with welded steel profiles is easily accessible from all sides.

Drive motor wire

Frequency converter - Automatic wire control

A high-quality 4.2kW IEC rotary asynchronous motor "made in Germy" is used to drive the wire. Low weight thanks to aluminium housings, constant speed and sufficient power reserves even at high speeds distinguish these special motors. The matching frequency converter enables safe and low-wear operation. The cutting wire speed can be continuously controlled by the software via the frequency converter. The built-in microprocessor monitors the power supply and adjusts it if necessary in order to get even better and cleaner cuts. So every cut is done over and over again with a consistent quality.

CNC control with 2 channels

2-channel CNC control incl. Power supply

The FW 2000H series is delivered with our self-developed 2-axis CNC industrial control. The control can handle up to 8.0 amps per channel.

Machine software including LAN controller

LAN Controller

Our machines are complete, everything is included, even the machine software and the even more secure and reliable LAN controller for all current Windows versions. The screen of the software was designed and optimized for wire cutting with 4 and 5 axes and extensively tested in practice. You can be sure that everything will work immediately.

All you need is a Windows computer or laptop with one Free LAN connection and about 10 minutes to install everything. It couldn't be easier.

Optional accessories

The machines of the FW 2000H series can be expanded with the following accessories. This makes the machines plug and play and you can be sure that your machine will deliver the required performance again and again.

Work desk

mobiler Maschinenstand

The working desk is included and part of delivery of the FW 2000H series. The optionally available PC package with computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse is stored the rollable console.

Computer package

CNC optimized Windows computer

Order your machine with a Windows PC optimized for CNC cutting. The package includes: Windows PC, TFT monitor, keyboard and mouse. The required machine software is already installed and configured. The package is plug and play.

Safety installation

FW4000H Serie - Sicherheitszaun

According to the federal occupational safety regulations, these kinds of machines do require a certain set of safety measures to protect the workers and operators. Depending on the place and country of installation different regulations may apply. The protective fence in combination with an access control system effectively prevents accidental contact with the rotating wire. We are happy to help you find the right protective fence and enclosure for your machine

styroCAM Software

Cold wire cutting software styroCAM by cnc-multitool

With our styroCAM software, you can generate the machine program quickly and easily from a drawing. No prior knowledge is required. styroCAM is "Software in the Cloud" and runs operating system independently on any Windows or MAC system. Each update is immediately available to you. Simply use the web-based program via a browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. The software works with DWG, DXF, PLT files. Further Information can be found under Software.

Technical specifications

FW 2120H
Travel forwards / backwards (X)
2.000 mm
Travel up/ down (Y)
1.250 mm
Wire length
1.250 mm
Table height
400 mm
Number of wires
Number of axes
rack, belt
Cutting speed. max.
Wire control
Wire Ø
1.3 - 1.6 mm
Power connection
380VAC, 50-60Hz
Power consumption
5.000 W
Foot print (LxWxH)
450x190x180 cm
380 kg

Content of delivery

The FW 2000H is a very powerful and high performance fast wire cutting machine for the commercial production. This machine will be fully tested, inspected first and then packaged for delivery. The montage and start up can either be done by the customer themselves or, for a small surcharge, they will have the option to call out one of our technicians, who will be able to set them up and get them running within a few hours. The standard equipment contains the following components:

Fully assembled CNC cold wire cutting machine
Maschine Plug&Play
mobiler Maschinenstand
Work desk
(Computer optional)
Machine software
Machine software
Cutting wire
Cutting wire


  • Machine fully assembled and tested
  • Machine control
  • LAN controller
  • Machine software
  • Operating manual, assembly instructions
  • 1 year guarantee

Required accessories

  • CAM Software
  • Computer package

Optional accessories

  • Work desk
  • Safety installation
  • Cutting wire


High-speed wire cutting machines are true "omnivores". They cut flexible foams (made of PE, PP and PUR), insulating wool (glass wool, rock wool, slag wool), as well as styrofoam (EPS) and Styrodur (XPS) with ease.

Polypropylene & Polyethylene
Polypropylene & Polyethylene
Polyurethane - (PU, PUR)
Polyurethane - (PU, PUR)
Polystyrene - (EPS, XPS)
Mineral & Glass wool
Mineral & Glass wool

What our customers do

Technische Zuschnitte
Technical cuts
Technische Zuschnitte
Sound insulation
Mattress foams
Special packaging

The software makes the difference

Every CNC machine requires sophisticated CAM software for fast and uncomplicated editing of cutting programs.

To do this, create drawings in CorelDraw® or AutoCAD or any other vector program and export them as DXF, DWG or PLT drawings. These drawings are then loaded into our styroCAM software and converted into a machine program with just a few clicks, which can be subsequently cut.
Here's a selection of software that will help you get the start-finish victory with the FW 2000H


Corel Draw Software

Corel Draw®

With this drawing software you can create letters quickly and easily and logos in vector format. Allows direct export for further processing.

  • Vector drawing program proven a million times over
  • Quickly create letters and logos
  • Import of EPS data
  • Access to all computer standard fonts
  • Export as DXF or PLT files
CAD Software


Create drawings in vector format easily and quickly, is the strength of this CAD program. The subsequent DXF export can be processed further directly.

  • CAD drawing program
  • Free of charge
  • Can be installed as often as you like
  • Very easy to use
  • Quick work
CAM Software Styroporschneidesoftware styrocam


Cloud-based Styrofoam cutting software for calculating offer prices and creating the cutting files for standard 2D and 3D cuts.

  • Cutting data calculation for 2D and 3D cuts
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Data formats: DWG, DXF, PLT, 3D STP
  • Data exports from CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD and others
  • Runs as software as a service in modern internet browsers (SaaS)

Models in comparison

In addition to many advantages, the design of the FW 2000H also has its limits. Unfortunately our FW 2000H must pass when it comes to larger blocks. For such cases we have developed the FW 2000H and FW 4000H series. Have a look at the bigger FW 2000H or FW 4000H, it's worth it.

FW1000H Fast wire machine FW2000H Fast wire machine FW4000H Fast wire machine
FW 1000H
FW 2000H
FW 4000H
Travel forwards / backwards (X)
up to 3.000 mm
2.000 mm
up to 5.000 mm
Travel up/ down (Y)
600 mm
1.250 mm
1.250 mm
Wire length (Z)
1.250 mm
1.250 mm
up to 2.000 mm
Number of axes
Number of wires
Price in EURO

* Prices start from plus VAT

Live - Demonstration

Free technical assistance

This new Fastwire technology has to be seen - preferably live and in action. So, why not schedule a visit with our team in our competence center in Ilmenau, Germany right now? You will be able to see for yourself just how advanced this development of our Fastwire cutting machine is and how your production could benefit from it. This applies especially to those, who have already worked with previous models of fast wire cutting machines. The smooth collaboration between our powerful hardware and high performance software really is a sight worth savoring. You won't want to leave once you are here.

Our experienced and fully trained staff will gladly answer all your questions and show you in a live presentation what this FW 2000H is capable of. Why not write to us or simply give us a call right now!