CUT3500SV - CNC hot wire cutting machine for EPS and XPS, small, compact, flexible

CUT 3500SV
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4 & 5 Axes CNC Hot Wire cutting machine

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Five axes, unlimited possibilities

CUT3500SV - Foam cutting machine
CUT3500SV - working table
CUT3500SV - power supply
CUT3500SV -machining software

When it comes to machines for cutting Styrofoam and Styrodur, the reserves are what count. This is the only way to stay open to all possibilities.

The machines of the CUT 3500SV are specialists in their field. They combine the advantages of the more compact CUT3000S series with the advantages of long travels and long wire lengths.

With the manual or optionally CNC-controlled portal adjustment, wire lengths from 850 to 5050mm can be used. It is now possible to cut everything on one machine, whether XPS panels with a short wire or 5m long blocks - no problem with the CUT3500SV.

In addition, the styrofoam cutting machine moves independently in each of the four cutting axes. Optionally, a rotation table or a horizontal axis of rotation (lathe) as a fifth axis extends the system.

This machine series contains the know-how of ten years of development in the processing of polystyrene. Your benefit: unparalleled performance.

This is the ideal machine series for all industries that have to react quickly and flexibly to any type of challenge with a variable wire.


  • Quality "Made in Germany"
  • Intelligent: Computer controlled (CNC) via Windows PC
  • Sophisticated: Spring loaded cutting wire, always taut, length variable
  • Versatile: For 3D letters, logos, objects etc. and 2D panels
  • Sturdy: Welded and painted steel construction - no Aluminum!
  • Sandwich Cut: Cutting multiple Styrodur or Styrofoam panels in one step


  • Shipping: around 12 weeks
  • Ready-to-use: Machine comes pre-assembled and fully tested (ready to run)
  • Fast: Inside Germany Service within 48 hours
  • Modular: Operator can exchange the components easily
  • Training by our experienced staff
  • Consultation: We will help you from the first contact until we found your solution
  • Recourses: We will provide you with recourses for EPS and XPS polystyrene suppliers.


  • Turntable
  • Lathe
  • Computer package
  • Touchscreen package

»This machine series contains the know-how of ten years of development in the processing of polystyrene. Your benefit: unparalleled performance. «

Ingo Besinger (CEO cnc-multitool)

Commercial production

With its stable steel frame, fast drives and uncomplicated operation, the CUT 3500SV series impresses commercial and industrial users. It cuts 3D shapes, profiles, pipe sections, plates and much more. The CUT 3500SV speeds up the production of scenery builders and theaters as well as the manufacturers of stucco moldings and profiles.

CUT3500SV cutting concrete moldings from EPS and XPS
CNC Maschine CUT 3550S - Cutting concrete moldings from EPS & XPS.

CUT 3500SV - Characteristics

The CUT 3500SV machines are quality "Made in Germany". Each machine is hand-assembled, adjusted and extensively tested befor delivery to ensure that all machines will run smoothly for a long time.

Basic machine

CUT 2500S Series - cutting styrodur

The CUT 3500SV was developed to flexible process EPS, XPS and EPP insulation panels with a size of up to 1,600x1,050 mm and a maximum length of 3m.

The extremely stable open machine table made of welded and painted Steel profiles allow the machine to be loaded quickly and easily from all sides. This means that larger styrofoam blocks or a large number XPS panels can also be processed at the same time. Even loading and unloading the machine with a forklift is possible.

4-independent axes

CUT3500SV Serie - eps foam cutting

The CNC styrofoam cutting machines of the CUT 3500SV series all have 4 axes. They can be controlled in parallel or independently of one another.

Cut 3D objects with two differently sized contours such as cones, conical columns, profiles or airfoils from EPS and XPS sheets and small blocks. The cutting wire tension for parallel cuts is controlled by a hard spring and for 4-axis cuts with a wire length change of up to 150mm by a soft spring. And if 150mm is not enough, take a look at the automatic wire tensioner for extremely twisted cuts further down the page.

Quick Wire system

CUT3500SV Serie - quick wire system

Two spiral springs on both sides of the wire control the tension of the cutting wire. You will receive two harder and a softer spring. Use the two harder springs for parallel cuts. For tappered cuts with a wire length change of up to 150 mm the softer type is recommended.

Thanks to the quick wire system, the wire can be removed and reinserted without tools. Above all, this makes it easier and faster also monolithic cutting .

Automatic wire tensioner

CUT3500SV Serie - automatic wire tensioner

The automatic wire tensioner ensures extrem 3D tappered cuts. If the length of the wire changes during cutting, the wire tensioner starts to worek. This is the case with e.g. cones or conical columns. The has a sensor unit, a motor unit and an electronic controller. As it cuts, the sensor unit constantly measures the length of the wire. As soon this changes, the electronic controller corrects the tension: the motor unit winds up or down the wire. The fully automatic wire tensioner works independently from the cutting machine and the software.

The intelligent power supply with the built-in microprocessor controls the power supply if the length of the wire changes. The minicomputer also reacts to fluctuations in the mains voltage automatically. This way, we can guarantee that every cut will be clean and accurate.

Automatic portal adjustment

CUT3500SV Series - aautomatic portal adjustment

Instead of adjusting the machine table manually, you can do it also automated precisely on the mm due to the automatic portal adjustment. The distance can be set directly via the software. This will speed up your production when doing precise 3D cuts.

Power supply

Netzteil - Automatischer Stromregler

The cutting wire of the CUT 2500S series will always have the correct temperature to guarantee clean cuts when processing Styrofoam, Styrodur or epp foams. The reason behind this is the sophisticated current control, which contains a microprocessor that controls the power supply particularly during 3D tappered cuts, as the wire lengths will vary during this process.

This way, we can guarantee that every cut will be clean and accurate.

CNC control with up to 5 channels

4-channel CNC control incl. Power supply

The CUT3500SV series is delivered with our self-developed 4-axis CNC control.

The control can be loaded with up to 5.0 amps per channel. In addition, the control can be expanded by a 5-channel, what the control of an additional axis, e.g. a rotary table permitted.

Machine software including LAN controller

LAN Controller

Our machines are complete, everything is included, even the machine software and the even more secure and reliable LAN controller for all current Windows versions. The screen of the software was designed and optimized for wire cutting with 4 and 5 axes and extensively tested in practice. You can be sure that everything will work immediately.

All you need is a Windows computer or laptop with one Free LAN connection and about 10 minutes to install everything. It couldn't be easier.

Optional Accessories

The machines of the CUT 2500S series can be upgraded by the following accessories. This makes the machines plug and play and you can be sure that your machine will work reliable with the required performance.

Working desk

CUT3500SV Serie - Arbeitskonsole für PC, Monotot und Maus

With the optional extension arm, you can integrate a monitor, keyboard and mouse into the styrofoam cutting machine. You gain space that would otherwise be occupied by the control desk or work table. Even the power socket is integrated. All you have to do is assemble the console, plug in your machine and get started - It's that easy.

Turntable package

CUT3500SV - Turntable cutting

The optional rotation table complements the four cutting axes of the styrofoam cutting machine around a vertical axis of rotation. The computer also controls this fifth axis. In this way, symmetrical bodies such as vases and are created as if by magic Eggs or asymmetrical objects such as hemispheres.

Forklift loading

CUT3500SV Serie - Gabelstaplerbestückung

The machines of the CUT3500SV series can process large styrofoam blocks up to a size of 1,600x1,050x5,000mm. With a volume weight of e.g. 30kg / cbm, such a block quickly weighs 250kg and more. So what could be more obvious than lifting the block onto the machine with a forklift. The forklift option with the correct cut-outs in the table helps here a lot.

Computer package

CNC optimized Windows computer

Order your machine right away with a Windows PC optimized for CNC cutting. The package includes: Windows PC, TFT screen, Keyboard and mouse. The latest Windows operating system is installed and cnc optimized. The package is plug and play.

Touchscreen package

Touchscreen package

Expand the machine with the touchscreen package. The additional package makes operation simple. The package includes: Windows PC, touch screen TFT screen, touch screen optimized surface with additional functionality.

CAM Software

styrofoam cutting software styroCAM by cnc-multitool

To create your 2D and 3D cutting data we recommend our self-developed styroCAM software. It is a cloud-based Styrofoam cutting software for calculating offer prices and creating cutting files for standard 2D and 3D cuts. You can find more information under Software .

Technical Data

CUT 3520SV
CUT 3530SV
CUT 3540SV
CUT 3550SV
Travel back/ forth (X)
2.050 mm
3.050 mm
4.050 mm
5.050 mm
Travel up / down (Y)
1.600 mm
1.600 mm
1.600 mm
1.600 mm
Wire length
2.050 mm
3.050 mm
4.050 mm
5.050 mm
Table height
500 mm
Number of wires
Number of axes
Type of drive
Cutting speed max.
Switch wire on / off
Computer table
Portal adjustment
manual or automatic
Wire tensioner
Power connection
110-220VAC, 50-60Hz
Power consumption
1.000 W
1.000 W
1250 W
1.500 W
Installation dimensions (LxWxH)
300x300x210 cm
400x400x210 cm
500x500x210 cm
600x600x210 cm
300 kg
350 kg
400 kg
500 kg

Delivery contents

Entering the Special class of Styrofoam cutting machines is really very easy with the CUT 3500S series. Simply remove the packaging, set it up, plug it in and start - that's how easy it is. The shipment contains everything you need to get started:

hot wire foam cutting machine plug and play
Maschine Plug&Play
power supply wire
Power supply wire
machining software
Machine software
hot cutting wire
cutting wire


  • Machine pre-assembled and tested
  • CNC control with 4 channels
  • Power supply wire
  • Wire tensioner
  • Manual portal adjustment
  • Machining software
  • 50m cutting wire, 0.35mm
  • Operating manual, assembling manual
  • 1 year guarantee

Needed Accessories

  • CAM Software
  • Computer package

Optional Accessories

  • Automatic portal adjustment
  • Turntable, Lathe
  • Forklift loading
  • Cutting wire
  • Springs

What our customers do

3D Props, balls
3D props (balls etc.)
floating hull
Floating hull
Waterpark installation
Waterpark installation
3D  objects turntable
3D rotation
Insulation profiles
Insulation profiles
3D Props
3D Props

The software makes the difference

At first glance, most hot wire cutting machines all seem very similar. The difference becomes apparent in the normal day to day production in terms of saving time and money. Particularly important is the easy-to-use, powerful software. Herein lies one of the outstanding strengths of cnc-multitool. You will hardly find anything comparable in the market.

Even the best hardware is pretty much useless, if the software is the limiting factor. In order to fully exploit the potential of the CUT 3500SV, we recommend to you the following software:

Vector Drawing Program CorelDraw

Corel Draw®

With this drawing software you can create easily and fast letters, logos, lettering and more in the vector format. Enables direct export for further processing.

  • Proven vector drawing program
  • Fast design of letters, symbols and logos
  • Import of EPS data
  • Access to all standard computer fonts
  • Export as DXF or PLT files
CAD Drawing program multiCAD


The strong point of this CAD program is the simplicity, how quickly the user can create drawings in vector format. The subsequent DXF export can be processed further immediately.

  • CAD drawing program
  • Free of charge
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Very easy to use
  • Very fast results
CAM Software Styroporschneidesoftware styrocam


Cloud-based Styrofoam cutting software for calculating offer prices and creating the cutting files for standard 2D and 3D cuts.

  • Cutting data calculation for 2D and 3D cuts
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Data formats: DWG, DXF, PLT, 3D STP
  • Data exports from CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD and others
  • Runs as software as a service in modern internet browsers (SaaS)

Models in Comparison

In addition to many advantages, the design of the CUT3500SV machine has also their limits. A longer wire or extreme tappered cuts are unfortunately not within the realm of the 3500SV series. For such cases we have developed the CUT 3500SV-series. It's well worth taking a look at this bigger sister of the 3000 series.

CUT3500SV foam cutting machine CUT3500SV foam cutting machine
CUT 3000S
CUT 3500SV
Travel back/ forth (X)
up to 3.000 mm
up to 5.000 mm
Travel up / down (Y)
1.600 mm
1.600 mm
Wire length (Z)
up to 3.000 mm
up to 5.000 mm
Number of axes
4 (5)
4 (5)
Number of wires
Price in EURO

* Price start at plus VAT

How about a test drive?

Free technical assistance

Is this Styrofoam cutting machine right for you? We are happy to help and advise you about all the pros and cons in a phone call. As we are processing polystyrenes ourselves on a daily basis, we are confident that we can answer all your questions from our very own experience - from users for users.

See for yourself just how powerful our hot wire cutting machines really are. Send us a quick message and let us know how we can help. Or simply give us a call right now.