TC 4800CB - coatig eps with plaster materials

TC 4800CB
Facade elements &
profiles or stucco
mineral coated

Ideal for large Coating volume

16.500,00 €






Semi-automatic length cutting machine

TC 4800CB - plaster coating machine
TC 4800Cb Machine-coat stucco profiles
TC 4800Cb Semi automatic coating machines
TC 4800Cb variable material container

With the TC 4800CB coating machine, facade elements and profiles can be fully automated machine coated.

The speed is continuously adjustable . As a coating material we recommend a mineral plaster coat for outdoor use.

The styrofoam profile is placed on one side of the machine and transported through the material container via the roller belt. On the other side of the machine the pre-coated profiles can be taken off the roller table. The system is best operated by two people.

We recommend this machine to all companies with large coating volumes .


  • Quality »Made in Germany«
  • Intelligent: Semi-automatic work
  • Well thought out: Infinitely variable speed
  • Versatile: Coat EPS, XPS and EPP profiles
  • Stable: Welded and painted steel construction - no Alu!
  • Fast: high process speed


  • Shipping: around 8 weeks
  • Ready to use: Comes fully tested and preassembled
  • Fast: Inside Germany the technician will come within 48 hours.
  • Modular: Machine components are easily exchanged by the operator.
  • Training: By our experienced and well-trained staff
  • Advice: We will support our customers from the initial contact up to the final solution.


  • Roller table

»With our TC 4800CB we can coat stucco mouldings like the big ones. We are 100% satisfied.«

Stucco mouldings Wenger (head of production)

Made for production

With its stable steel frame, the TC4800S impresses professional users. It coats panels, profiles, stucco moldings and much more fast and uncomplicated with mineral plaster. The coating machine is first choice for commercial and industrial users.

TC 4800CB coating machine
TC 4800CB EEPS Coating machine

TC 4800CB - Features

The TC 4800CB stands for quality made in Germany. Each machine is assembled, adjusted and extensively tested by us by hand. This is the only way we can be sure that all machines work reliable and deliver the required performance for a long time.

Basic equipment

TC4800CB plaster coating machine

The machine TC 4800CB is a semi-automatic EPS coating machines. Thanks to the large material container and the powerful Drive, EPS facade elements and profiles can be coated quickly and cheaply. The machine is designed for continuous operation.

Variable material container

TC4800CB Variable material container

The material container of the TC 4800CB is variable. Depending on the profile size the sides of the material hopper can be pushed together or moved apart. The machine can handle from small to very large stucco elements and profiles.

Effective cleaning concept

TC4800S Effective cleaning concept

The conveyor of the TC 4800CB can be moved. Now the machine container can be cleaned with water without any difficulty.

Microcontroller control

Microcontroller control

The motor of the conveyor is controlled and regulated with a high-quality frequency converter.

Technical specifications

TC 4800CB  
Installation dimensions (LxWxH)
5.500 x 1.500 x 1.800mm
Profil width max.
1.000 mm
Profil heigth max.
500 mm
Working speed
Power connection
220VAC, 50-60Hz
Power consumption
1.500 W
500 kg
Price in EURO

Content of delivery

The TC 4800CB is your entry into the compact class of Styrofoam cutting machines very easy. Unpack, set up, connect electronics and get started - it's that easy. The delivery includes everything you need need:

Maschine Plug&Play
Maschine Plug&Play
Machine control
Machine control
Motor controler
Motor controler
Anti Slip belt
Anti Slip belt


  • Machine fully assembled and tested
  • Machine control
  • Roller table
  • Operating manual, assembly instructions
  • 1 year guarantee

Required accessories

  • Coating material

Optional accessories

  • Roller table

Models in comparison

In addition to many advantages, the design of the TC 4800CB also has its limits. For such cases we have developed the Series CT 2500S and CT5000S , which not only cuts blocks horizontal and vertical with up to 60 wires. It's well worth taking a look at this bigger sister of the TC 4800CB.

TC 4400CB coating machine TC 4800CB Coating machine  
TC 4400CB
TC 4800CB
Profil length max.
1.250 mm
2.500 mm
Profil width max.
250 mm
1.000 mm
Profil heigth max.
200 mm
500 mm
Price* in EURO

* Prices start from plus VAT

Live - Demonstration

Free technical assistance

The TC 4800CB machine has to be seen - preferably live and in action. So, why not schedule a visit with our team in our competence center in Ilmenau, Germany right now? You will be able to see for yourself just how advanced this development of our Milling machine is and how your production could benefit from it. This applies especially to those, who have already worked with previous models of fast wire cutting machines. The smooth collaboration between our powerful hardware and high performance software really is a sight worth savoring. You won't want to leave once you are here.

Our experienced and fully trained staff will gladly answer all your questions and show you in a live presentation what this TC 4800CB is capable of. Why not write to us or simply give us a call right now!