EPS Trim Machines - Overview

Our EPS trim profile machinesl stand for quality made in Germany at an unbeatable price . Every machine will Assembled by us by hand , adjusted and extensively tested . Because this is the only way we can be sure that all machines are reliable work and permanently provide the required performance . You want to produce XPS or EPS trim profiles ? Than you are are in the right place.

CUT3000S CNC hot wire cutting machine

3D Design Series

  • countless possibilities
  • 5 independent axes
  • 1 wire, up to 3,050 mm long
  • stable machine table
CUT 3000S - 3D
tc4800cb - EPS coating machine

EPS Profile Coater

  • For large profiles and panels
  • Variable belt speed
  • Optimized none slip belt
  • individual templates
TC 4800cb
SHD2000 - EPS Wire Recycler

Wire Recycler

  • large work area
  • 20 wires at the same time
  • easy on / off operation
  • individual wire spacing
SHD 2000S