AC-Serie - cnc portal milloing machines for craft and production

3D portal milling
machine, Stable,
fast, powerful

3 axes, servo drives, 7kW spindle

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CNC portal milling machine AC-Serie:
Commercial 3D milling

AC-Serie - CNC Milling machine
AC series - milling 3 axes
AC series - 7kW spindle with 24000rpm
AC series - machine software with LAN controller

The AC series is the ideal machine for the commercial user. High performance in the processing of wood, flexible foam (PE, XPE, PU) or hard foam (EPS, XPS, EPP), Dibond, plastic, Plexiglas, but also aluminum characterize this machine.

The machines of this series are supplied with a powerful 7.0 kW spindle motor with 18,000 rpm. Optionally a spindle with 9.0 kW and 24,000 rpm in combination with an automatic tool changer (ATC) is available.

Thus, the AC series is recommended as a flexible production machine for all applications and businesses.


  • Qualität »Made in Germany«
  • Intelligent: Computer controlled (CNC) via Windows PC
  • Sophisticated: Type of wire can be adapted to the corresponding material
  • Practical: Manual mode; cutting standard block sizes in one operation, touchscreen for easier use directly on the screen
  • Sturdy: Welded and powder coated steel construction - no Aluminum!


  • Shipping: around 12 weeks
  • Ready to use: Comes fully tested and preassembled
  • Fast: Inside Germany the technician will come within 48 hours.
  • Modular: Machine components are easily exchanged by the operator.
  • Training: By our experienced and well-trained staff
  • Advice: We will support our customers from the initial contact up to the final solution.


  • Vacuum table
  • Automatic tool change
  • Extraction hood, suction
  • Security installation
  • Computer package
  • Tools

»The AC 6216F keeps our production running in multi-shift operation without any difficulties, we are thrilled ...«

Mold making "Weiß" (CEO)

Made for Production

The AC series is a professional machine. With its sturdy machine table made of welded and subsequently hardened steel profiles it appeals to craft and industrial users. She cuts a wide variety of materials with its powerfull 7.0 kW or even 9.0 kW spindle, such as wood, foam, fiberglas, CFK as well as Styrofoam (EPS), Styrodur and much more. The AC-Serie can be found in the production of furniture makers and upholsterers as well as that of manufacturers of insulation materials and packaging.

AC series - 3D portal milling machine
AC 6216F milling machine to nill wood ties .

AC - Features

The AC-Serie stands for quality made in Germany. Each machine is assembled, adjusted and extensively tested by us by hand. This is the only way we can be sure that all machines work reliable and deliver the required performance for a long time.

Basic equipment

Basic equipment AC-series milling machine

With its stable machine table made of welded and then hardened steel profiles, the AC series is a production machine. Its equipment features appeal to commercial and industrial users.

Thanks to the powerful 750W servo motors, the axes reach speeds of up to 40m / min. Thanks to the integrated T-slot table, the workpiece can be fixed well and does not slip during milling. Lighter or very open-pore materials can be clamped or taped with double-sided adhesive tape.

Instead of the T-slot table, this machine series can also be equipped with a vacuum table.


AC series - equipped with a robust 7.0kW milling

All machines of this series are equipped with a robust 7.0kW milling spindle with 18.000rpm. These spindles are air-cooled. Optionally, this series can also be equipped with a 9.0kW spindle with 24,000 rpm. The matching frequency converter with 11.0kW allows safe and low-wear operation.

Servo motors all axes

AC-Serie - powerful 750W servomotors

The high-quality drive components, guides and drives of the AC series ensure that the machine functions reliably and has a long service life. We equip these machines with powerful 750W servomotors on all axes as standard. This is the only way to achieve high milling speeds with maximum precision.

Guides and drives

AC-Serie - high quality linear guides installed on all axes

This AC series has high quality linear guides installed on all axes. The bed of the guides are milled flat, precisely measured and aligned. On the main axes (X / Y), the helical racks convert the rotational movement of the servomotors into linear movement. On the vertical axis (Z), a generously dimensioned recirculating ball screw ensures that the milling spindle moves precisely up and down.

CNC control with 3 channels

AC-Serie - self-developed 3-axis CNC  industrial control

The AC-Serie series is delivered with our self-developed 3-axis CNC industrial control.

The servo control can be loaded with up to 750W per motor.

Machine software including LAN controller

LAN Controller

Our machines are complete, everything is included, even the machine software and reliable LAN controller for all current Windows versions. The screen of the software was designed and optimized for milling with 3 axes and extensively tested in practice. You can be sure that everything will work immediately.

All you need is a Windows computer or laptop with one Free LAN connection and about 10 minutes to install everything. It couldn't be easier.

Optional accessories

The machines of the AC-Serie series can be expanded with the following accessories. This makes the machines plug and play and you can be sure that your machine will deliver the required performance again and again.

Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)

W2 Serie - Späneabsaugung

An automatic tool changer (ATC) with 10 holders can be ordered as an option. The change process takes place directly from the magazine into the spindle (pick-up changer).

The content of delivery of the automatic tool changer includes an even more powerful, air-cooled spindle with 9.0 kW and 24,000 rpm.


Vacuum table

AC Serie -  integrated vacuum table

With the integrated vacuum table, workpieces can be clamped quickly and easily. Lighter or very open-pore materials can be clamped or taped with double-sided adhesive tape. The vacuum option is supplied complete with a powerful pump.

Vakuum Pump

W2 Serie -  powerful vacuum pump, side channel blower

A powerful vacuum pump is required for the vacuum table. The power depends on the size of the Vacuum table and the material to be used. . The vacuum pump is a side channel compressor and impresses with its simple installation, quiet operation and long lifetime. The vacuum pump is turned on and off by the machine software.

Chip extraction

AC Serie - Chip extraction

Milling is a mechanical process that inevitably involves noise and dusts. Therefore, please comply to the regulations for hearing and respiratory protection when operating a milling machine. We recommend to permanently suck off the milling dust. The AC series built-in and supplied spindle suction has a 100mm standard connection. You can use these connections to connect the machine to an existing central suction system or any stationary bag suction system.

Safety installation

AC-series - Safety installation

According to the federal occupational safety regulations, these kinds of machines do require a certain set of safety measures to protect the workers and operators. Depending on the place and country of installation different regulations may apply. The protective fence in combination with an access control system effectively prevents accidental contact with the rotating wire. We are happy to help you find the right protective fence and enclosure for your machine

Computer package

CNC optimized Windows computer

Order your machine with a Windows PC optimized for CNC cutting. The package includes: Windows PC, TFT monitor, keyboard and mouse. The required machine software is already installed and configured. The package is plug and play.

Barcode Scanner

CUT4000S Serie - barcode scanner

Expand the machine with a barcode scanner. The barcode add-on module makes operation child's play. Load the order-related cutting file directly into the machine software using the scanner. This avoids errors and production is even faster.

CAM Software

AC-Series - CAM Software

Various CAM programs are available for creating your 2D and 3D cutting data. We would be happy to advise you.

Technical specifications

AC 2500F
AC 3000F
AC 4000F
AC 5000F
Working length (X)
2.500 mm
3.000 mm
4.000 mm
5.000 mm
Working width (Y)
1.300 mm
1.600 mm
2.000 mm
Working height (Z)
180 mm
Traveling (Z)
350 mm
Traveling speed max.
40 m/min
7 kW, air-cooled, 18,000 rpm
Tool holder
Tool changer (ATC)
servo motors 750W
Transfer X/Y-axes
Helical toothed rack
Transfer Z-axis
Ball screw
Work table
T-slot table or vacuum table
Power connection
380VAC, 3 Phases 50-60Hz
Power consumption
5.000 W
Weight from
1.600 kg
1.850 kg
2.050 kg
2.450 kg

Content of delivery

The AC-Serie is a very powerful and high performance fast wire cutting machine for the commercial production. This machine will be fully tested, inspected first and then packaged for delivery. The montage and start up can either be done by the customer themselves or, for a small surcharge, they will have the option to call out one of our technicians, who will be able to set them up and get them running within a few hours. The standard equipment contains the following components:

AC Serie - Completely assembled 3D CNC panel milling machine
Maschine Plug&Play
AC Serie - Spindle air-cooled
Spindle air-cooled
AC Serie - Machine control
Machine control
Machine software
Machine software


  • Machine fully assembled and tested
  • Machine control
  • Spindle air-cooled
  • LAN controller
  • Machine software
  • Operating manual, assembly instructions
  • 1 year guarantee

Required accessories

  • CAM Software
  • Computer package

Optional accessories

  • Vacuum table
  • Automatic tool change
  • Extraction hood, suction
  • Security installation
  • Tools

What our customers do

Wooden panels
Wooden panels
2D wooden profiles
2D wooden profiles
Letters & Logos
Letters & Logos
PVC sleeves
PVC sleeves
PVC sheets
PVC sheets
Plexi letters
Plexi letters
3D PVC body
3D PVC objects

Models in comparison

In addition to many advantages, the design of the AC-series also has its limits. Unfortunately, our AC has to pass with larger tool lengths. For such cases we have developed the GK-series, which also has a 4th axis. And in case you also need a knife in addition to the spindle it might be worth taking a look at the AC sisters.

AC-Series - Panel milling machine W2-Series - 3 axis milling machine with oscillating knife GK-Series - 4 axis portal milling machine
Travel length (X)
up to 5.000 mm
2.500 mm
up to 10.000 mm
Travel width (Y)
up to 2.000 mm
up to 2.000 mm
up to 3.500 mm
Travel height (Z)
180 mm
180 mm
up to 1.500 mm
Number of axes
Number of wires
Price in EURO

* Prices start from plus VAT

Live - Demonstration

Free technical assistance

The AC-series machines have to be seen - preferably live and in action. So, why not schedule a visit with our team in our competence center in Ilmenau, Germany right now? You will be able to see for yourself just how advanced this development of our Milling machine is and how your production could benefit from it. This applies especially to those, who have already worked with previous models of fast wire cutting machines. The smooth collaboration between our powerful hardware and high performance software really is a sight worth savoring. You won't want to leave once you are here.

Our experienced and fully trained staff will gladly answer all your questions and show you in a live presentation what this AC-Serie is capable of. Why not write to us or simply give us a call right now!